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Sponsored Review: Bifesta Cleansing Sheets & Cleansing Oil

Hi girls!

I've always wanted to try the products from Bifesta! The only thing that stops me is the cost of the product and I'm always wondering, hm, is it worth it? What if its not that good? Wouldn't that be a waste?

So, if you've never heard of Bifesta, (pronounced as Bee-festa) they're actually the number one brand in Japan for make up and eye make up removers. They're also the first water-based make up remover in Japan. Every other brand I've used such as Biore or Nivea are actually oil-based so I'm left wondering, seriously, water-based? Are you sure?

The best thing about Bifesta is that they actually cater to the different skin types so you get to use a product that is suited to your face and will not worsen your skin condition should you have dry skin, or anything like that (:

Bifesta Cleansing Oil for eye make up.

Oil and solution separation so you need to shake the bottle before using it.

I've always wanted to try this even though I'm not usually a big fan of eye make up. I find it a hassle to remove eyeliner because no matter how hard I try, there's always some residue left behind and gah, its just so frustrating. Btw, you can also use this to remove your lipstick.  

You just need to squirt a tiny bit on a cotton pad.

Works wonders guys, it removed everything even with that small amount of product I used.

Haha and I love looking at how it removes my eye make up! Its as if I can see my eye imprinted on the cotton pad! You can continue swiping your eye make up away with the same cotton pad and it will not make a mess and spread the eye make up everywhere. Love it!

Bifesta Cleansing Sheets

The size of the sheet is awesome! I've tried cleansing sheets from other brands before and its usually never this size and the best part about it is its not oil based! They're actually water-based so you don't get that sticky, oily feeling and you have to wash your face with a cleanser again which I really hate because it removes all the moisture from your face and you're left with super dry skin haha ranting or what!

1 sheet is enough for the entire face so I do think its value for money. There's 46 sheets in every pack so, one pack can last you for more than a month (: I just wish they'd make it in smaller packages of 5-7 sheets each so I can bring them around in my bag. Carrying the pack is quite heavy so its not really travel-friendly.

The blue pack; Tightening is for girls with oily and combination skin
46 sheets, $15.90
It tightens pores as it contains an ingredient called witch hazel, moisturises your face with glycerin and leaves a non-sticky and refreshing finish.

The pink pack; Moist is for girls with dry and normal skin
46 sheets, $15.90
It helps to slough off dead skin cells, hydrates your skin with ceramide and leaves behind a dewy moist finish. 

I loveeee the packaging! Especially the lid because it clicks and keeps the cleansing sheets moist.

and really guys, if you're like me, after a tiring day sometimes I am guilty of not removing my make up before I sleep, this is the bomb. I don't even need to wash my face or what more, use a facial wash, this cleansing sheets gets everything off my face and leaves my skin supple and moist. 

I would definitely purchase this after I've finished using the ones they've sent me!

Thank you kind people from Bifesta! 
Now, make them in travel-sized pls! (:

Okay, leaving you with a mini OOTD entry!

pink men's oxford shirt; uniqlo
yellow pants; topshop
hot pink messenger bag; typo
reptile printed pumps; charles & keith

much love xx,

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