Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Penny University!

Salam alaikum!

I love cafes! I really do. I love the ambience, staring and wishing I have those eclectic furnitures in my house (depending on the different cafes of course), some go for modern sharp and clean while some choose chic shabby with a mismatch of tables and chairs. Then comes my love for anything sweet! No use denying it anymore, I strongly believe that life is meant to be peppered with sweet moments, literally. Forget your diet! Enjoy delicious mouthwatering desserts while you can! Haha such a bad giver of advice! :B

Cafes usually have an abundance of dessert choices from pies, cakes and oh those beautiful little sinful pleasures, cupcakes. Followed by the ultimate reason why cafes exist, of course for the array of tea and coffee choices on the menu.

I've been wanting to go to Penny Uni for quite a while now so when initially, Dalillah, Zahirah and I had a baking day planned, we thought, okay why not just skip the hard part and go straight to devouring those little munchkins, in a nice setting without all the turmoil and hard work of standing in front of the mixer, making a mess out of your clean kitchen and the excruciating moment of waiting, hoping that your baked goodies will turn out just like how you expected them to be.

Forget it.

Let's just go to a cafe.

The thing about Penny Uni that attracts girls like bees to a pot of honey, is their tie up with Fluff Bakery. My gosh, have you guys seen her posts on Instagram? Every few minutes, someone will go, "will it still be there? If I come at 3pm will it still be there?!"

Believe me, I've never been so stressed in my life over desserts. 

I was asking the both of them the entire time we were on our way there "do you think they'll still have the eggnog salted caramel cupcakes?" "what if there's nothing?!" 

We cabbed by the way. The place is quite accessible.....but at the same time inaccessible. No, don't worry guys, tonnes of buses go there. 

You have no idea how happy we felt! It was raining and aside from the pretty girls handling the orders, greeting us (they're super friendly btw! we had a lovely chat with one of them and even made her take our photos hehe sorry!), I remember dashing to the counter to see what was still there (kept my cool of course, no one likes a desperate girl :p)

The three of us ordered a pot of tea each, a slice of the grasshopper mint pie, smores pie & a lovely eggnog salted caramel cupcake each. 

If you ever went what's the big deal, it's just desserts.

You're wrong, my friend.

It was crazy awesome. I'm not really gonna go describe how mad awesome it is but the baker (whoever you are, you magical anonymous baker) sure knows her stuff *\o/*

We stayed there for quite some time, just talking and talking non stop.

We also had a nice chat with the owner of the cafe and he told us there's gonna be moreeeee mouthwatering stuff he plans to do for the cafe! More unique and interesting items (certainly not the kind that you can get anywhere in Singapore) on the menu!

and its awesome halal stuff guys! I know its not that hard to find halal food in Singapore but to get nice halal cafes like this? Rare, I must say.

Btw, Zahirah's the sweetest! She went to Indonesia and bought Dalillah and I, tie dye shawls from Dian Pelangi! MAD LOVE!!! <3 Thank you Zahirah!!!! (:

Just a few snapshots of the cafe's unique choice of lights and furniture.

Spot the owner of Penny Uni in this shot!
May your business continue to prosper and hopefully, to more Penny Uni-s in the North and West areas :) 

Thank you for opening such a lovely halal cafe in Singapore!
We truly enjoyed ourselves.

The only thing we didn't really enjoy?
No 3G connection whatsoever (or maybe just at the booth we were at). We were waving our phones in the air to get data! HAHA!

Okay okay, we know what you're trying to tell us.
Ditch the smartphones, stop checking Instagram or Twitter and spend some sacred quality time catching up with friends while sipping coffee/tea & eating desserts right?

Yes, we hear ya! (:

Much love friends,

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  1. Test test! Ok hope this goes through! Seriously don't know how to comment all T__T

    Nadiaaa! So beautiful please your pictures!

    I should post up mine soon but malas omg!
    Hehe! Glad you love the shawls by the way! Can use not?

    Ok cannot wait for my blair Maxi skirt!

    ps: why I look so cute in the picture??!! HAHAHA