Friday, 30 November 2012

ootd: fairytale

Salam alaikum!

Today's outfit entry is really special to me because its the first outfit that I bought the fabric myself, designed what I had in mind and tailored it for a special day (:

It looks like a peplum top but its really not one because peplums tend to end a bit higher. Maybe in the middle of your behind? I didn't want a short top so I opted for a length that to me, is just so apt. Not too short, not too long. 


Cos I want the top to be something I can wear with pants as well, so I didn't want it to be too short. 
I also love that I can reuse the skirt with other tops as well (:

and the buttons!

I loveeeeee buttons. They're just so cute hehe. If I could, I'd opt for heart shaped ones hehe.
I wanted it to go all the way back and also, some on my sleeves. I chose non-functional ones though because to be honest, I'm too lazy to unbutton one by one if I want to take the top off hehe.

There's a contrast in textures too because I chose an English cotton fabric for the top and a silky fabric for the mermaid skirt. 

If I do pursue fashion one day, I'd love to design clothes. Wouldn't that be wonderful? (:

I'm flying off tonight so I queued up some travel ootd entries to be published! See you when I see you!


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  1. Where can I get the kind of english cotton you're wearing in Singapore, nadya? Geylang is it? :)