Thursday, 25 October 2012


Salam alaikum!

I'm not supposed to be blogging at the moment because I have a huge assignment to hand in on Monday! But...oh such sweet luck, my lecturer extended the submission deadline to Wednesday so I decided hmmmm, let's take some time off to blog hehe.

I hope all of you are doing great and I wish you a wonderful long weekend & Selamat Hari Raya Eiduladha! I've been feeling under the weather the past couple of days and I guess today my immune system finally caved in. Lots of blanket time (and paracetamols&cough syrups), I'm slightly okay now.

I don't really talk about the people in my life on this blog because......its supposed to be a fashion-focused one. But then I thought, you know what, some readers/customers have become my friends and  there's no harm letting people in right? (:

So lemme introduce you to the cast of today's blog entry. 

My 3 crazy amazing bestfriends.

Yes, you read that right. Don't ask me how we manage to not confuse ourselves, 11 years of friendship, we've become experts. 

I think my bestfriends are one of the most beautiful people around. People like to generalise and stereotype that bestfriends usually share the same interests and have similar personalities. I don't think so. Yes, the four of us do share a common love for certain things but other than that, we're not a cut from the same cloth. Totally different, guys.

my outfit:
floral tee; cache cache
black sheer outerwear; forever 21
wine red pants; h&m

and I think that's what makes it so perfect. Our different personalities create the perfect balance of a beautiful friendship. I'm totally lousy at doing arts&crafts, especially when it comes to DIY-ing and Aini & Adillah comes to the rescue with their crazy talented hands. Adilah and I love love love Geography but I once spotted her following everything National Geo on Instagram and here I am, stalking Aaron Aziz (don't ask me why this is all Adam dan Hawa's fault!) and every other Malaysian celebrity. At the end of the day, our strikingly different personalities, complete each other.

They have their special attributes and it reminds me of what I'm lacking and I try my hardest to pick up these characteristics because being around them, makes me a better person. As a daughter, a friend, a human being and as God's humble slave.

You sift through 6 billion people to get to that few who will love you with all your flaws and emotional baggage and sit with you through 2 hour phone calls with you crying on the other end. 

Once found, you go through your whole lives hoping they'll always be there. 
I hope you've found yours, just like I have certainly found mine.

By the time we were about to head home from USS, the skies were a beautiful tinge of orange and crimson, looming dark clouds and it marked the end of a beautiful day.

I'm kidding.

It rained heavily, cats and dogs would be an understatement. We were drenched from head to toe. 
Hey, you can't expect every friendship to be so perfect right? ;)

Have a lovely weekend!


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  1. AHAHA i really LOL-ed at the last bit! <3