Sunday, 21 October 2012

OOTD: supergirl

Salam alaikum (:

I was lazy to dress up so I just grabbed the new items I plan to put on shopsghijabgirl and piece together a random mismatch outfit. I'm still thinking about whether to bring these items in or not, if you think I should, leave me a comment below or you can just PM me on Facebook ok! I wanna hear your suggestions!

To tell you the truth, I think this sheer chiffon/polyester cardigan will look the nicest if it was paired with a flowy maxi dress, or any type of maxi dress for that matter. I have it in navy blue and this shade of peach pink! Love it to bits! The soft material flows oh so nicely when I walk and I secretly feel like a superhero haha! A girl can dream right? :)

This is my favourite Aria shawl from the new printed shawls collection! The mixture of soft pastel colors is just too beautiful. Another possible item is this chiffon polkadots top! Slightly sheer cos of the color of the top but hands down, I think it will look lovely paired with a long maxi skirt. Still thinking about it cos of the sheer material. One would have to wear a thin tee inside and hmm, wouldn't that be too hot?

I seldom wear sandals but this one was dirt cheap. 5 dollars a pair from the current Rubi sale!

aria shawl; shopsghijabgirl
supergirl pinkpeach outerwear; upcoming shopsghijabgirl
chiffon polkadots top; upcoming shopsghijabgirl
black jeans; h&m
sandals; rubi

and I'm crazy loving my moustache watch! Its too cute! I check my wristwatch for the time too often just cos I like looking at this cute moustache print hehe.

and yes, I finally hopped on the iPhone bandwagon. For years, I was so reluctant cos I've always been a Blackberry user and I am, or in this case, was madly head over heels in love with their qwerty keypad. Then, it became wonky and annoying and slow and all things negative I refuse to think about it anymore because BB, I've moved on! 

iPhone, pls be nice to me.

First day of using you and I panic every time your batt life goes down a percentage! I'm so afraid to even use you to listen to songs what more to watch videos! Is this normal, iPhone fam?

Okay gtg! Wanna take some time to get to know my new baby hehe.


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