Wednesday, 17 October 2012

ootd: simple ok let's go style!

Salam alaikum!

Yums. Just had to share with you guys my dinner at Vintage Delicafe! Hands down, I think they're one of my favourite eateries. Good food, nice ambience and definitely generous food portion-wise hehe. The only thing I dread about eating there is the waiting time. But I guess like the saying goes, good things come to those who wait eh? ;)


I didn't know what to wear today. I stared at my wardrobe for a good 10 mins wondering hmm, let's come up with a combination of clothes I've never worn before. 

My 10 mins turned 20. 

I gave up. Another 10 more minutes and I'd be late so I picked my simple go-to style every time this scenario pops up.

I am a big fan of blazers. People ask me the same question all the time, this is sunny humid Singapore, don't you feel hot?! Er no. I think its mainly attributed to the fact that I wear a sleeveless tank or maxi dress inside, so nope, not so hot. I would never wear it with long sleeves though, don't think my heat threshold can take it hehe.

Pair it with a soft flowy chiffon dress.
Don't forget your solid colored belt to add color contrast to your simple maxi dress.

Also, if you have matching printed shawls, why not? I really think that shawls even with simple minimal designs will spice up your plain outfit.

Cobalt Blue Maxi Dress; poplook
Yellow blazer; online store
ribbon belt; upcoming on shopsghijabgirl
ribbon shawl; upcoming on shopsghijabgirl


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