Monday, 15 October 2012

OOTD: my favourite things

Salam alaikum everyone!

I've been MIA. I know T.T

Anyways, here's a super quick update before I'm off to school! I have a 5 minutes presentation later but the planning definitely took up more than 5 hours of my life! Gosh. I know I'm complaining about school but I know once I start working for real, I'll miss this. Can't complain, school has been nice to me this semester, no more crazy assignments due one by one, I can take my time slowly to finish up everything. Emphasis on slowly though, this girl here procrastinates like crazy when it comes to school work tsk tsk tsk. 

Here's an outfit I wore to my friend's wedding yesterday.

I was at H&M the other day and I saw this peplum lace top. I thought of getting it but the queue to the fitting room was ridiculously long! (Isn't it always like that all the time? h&m Singapore, you've gotta up your service ok!) So, I wandered around, yknow, "window shopping"

The entire time I kept thinking what to match it with. So I ran back up, you should have seen me, going up and down the escalators and again, found myself staring at the rail of lacey goodness. Grabbed it and really hoped that it would fit me nicely. Not too tight, not too loose either. 

I'm not usually lucky when it comes to this, let me tell you. I always have to go back and return the item for another size T.T

This shawl is super hugeeeeeeeeeee but ya, remember the slogan?
Wear your hijab the right way, covering your chest is the best!
So um, ya. Certainly helped me in that department hehe.

If you follow me on Instagram, you'd know that I spent 3-4 painstaking hours doing beadwork on the sleeves of my peplum lace top. I really thought that it was too simple on its own, so I decided, hey, let's give this a try. Beadwork can't be too difficult right?



You need to have tonnes of patience, I'm not kidding guys! No wonder it costs a small fortune to make a tailor do beadwork for your outfit. But I was quite proud of the aftermath, didn't think I had the patience in me to complete what I started (:

Matched it with this lace mermaid skirt I got at a Topshop sale! I love it so much! 

So ya, who says you can't transform high street labels to traditional wear? Hehe. 
If you mix and match correctly, you'll get a lovely traditional outfit, makciks wouldn't even know they're from a store in Orchard Rd ;)

This peplum lace top comes in Red as well. I just bought it so they should still have it in stores, so yup, if you like it, go now okay! Who knows, your outfit for Hari Raya Haji? Hehe.

Finally, completed my outfit with the COMFIEST glitter wedges from Charles & Keith. 
Love Love Love!

Hope you liked this entry! 
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