Monday, 29 October 2012

OOTD: varsity jacket

Salam alaikum!

Happy Monday everyone! 

I'm not really having a great start to the week cos I'm nursing a flu right now gosh this virus needs to go away pronto! I've been very unproductive and with all the major assignments coming up, this is really worrying T.T

In this outfit, I'm revisiting one of my favourite outerwear pieces. Second to blazers, I looooove varsity jackets (with the right color combination). However, I have to admit that they're quite hot to wear out especially with the weather these days! They make such great company for trips to the cold cinema or lecture theatres though :D

Oh btw, I decided to reopen all the preorders.
Blair Maxi Skirts
Waldorf Blazers
Printed Blazers
Printed Tops
Printed Shawls
Polkadot/Paisley Shawls.

Send in your orders and I'll start invoicing on the 31st of October.
Preorder will close on the 5th of Nov so payment has to be made before that.

Okay, just wanted to drop a quick hello and here's wishing you a fantastic week ahead! (:


Thursday, 25 October 2012


Salam alaikum!

I'm not supposed to be blogging at the moment because I have a huge assignment to hand in on Monday! But...oh such sweet luck, my lecturer extended the submission deadline to Wednesday so I decided hmmmm, let's take some time off to blog hehe.

I hope all of you are doing great and I wish you a wonderful long weekend & Selamat Hari Raya Eiduladha! I've been feeling under the weather the past couple of days and I guess today my immune system finally caved in. Lots of blanket time (and paracetamols&cough syrups), I'm slightly okay now.

I don't really talk about the people in my life on this blog because......its supposed to be a fashion-focused one. But then I thought, you know what, some readers/customers have become my friends and  there's no harm letting people in right? (:

So lemme introduce you to the cast of today's blog entry. 

My 3 crazy amazing bestfriends.

Yes, you read that right. Don't ask me how we manage to not confuse ourselves, 11 years of friendship, we've become experts. 

I think my bestfriends are one of the most beautiful people around. People like to generalise and stereotype that bestfriends usually share the same interests and have similar personalities. I don't think so. Yes, the four of us do share a common love for certain things but other than that, we're not a cut from the same cloth. Totally different, guys.

my outfit:
floral tee; cache cache
black sheer outerwear; forever 21
wine red pants; h&m

and I think that's what makes it so perfect. Our different personalities create the perfect balance of a beautiful friendship. I'm totally lousy at doing arts&crafts, especially when it comes to DIY-ing and Aini & Adillah comes to the rescue with their crazy talented hands. Adilah and I love love love Geography but I once spotted her following everything National Geo on Instagram and here I am, stalking Aaron Aziz (don't ask me why this is all Adam dan Hawa's fault!) and every other Malaysian celebrity. At the end of the day, our strikingly different personalities, complete each other.

They have their special attributes and it reminds me of what I'm lacking and I try my hardest to pick up these characteristics because being around them, makes me a better person. As a daughter, a friend, a human being and as God's humble slave.

You sift through 6 billion people to get to that few who will love you with all your flaws and emotional baggage and sit with you through 2 hour phone calls with you crying on the other end. 

Once found, you go through your whole lives hoping they'll always be there. 
I hope you've found yours, just like I have certainly found mine.

By the time we were about to head home from USS, the skies were a beautiful tinge of orange and crimson, looming dark clouds and it marked the end of a beautiful day.

I'm kidding.

It rained heavily, cats and dogs would be an understatement. We were drenched from head to toe. 
Hey, you can't expect every friendship to be so perfect right? ;)

Have a lovely weekend!


Sunday, 21 October 2012

OOTD: supergirl

Salam alaikum (:

I was lazy to dress up so I just grabbed the new items I plan to put on shopsghijabgirl and piece together a random mismatch outfit. I'm still thinking about whether to bring these items in or not, if you think I should, leave me a comment below or you can just PM me on Facebook ok! I wanna hear your suggestions!

To tell you the truth, I think this sheer chiffon/polyester cardigan will look the nicest if it was paired with a flowy maxi dress, or any type of maxi dress for that matter. I have it in navy blue and this shade of peach pink! Love it to bits! The soft material flows oh so nicely when I walk and I secretly feel like a superhero haha! A girl can dream right? :)

This is my favourite Aria shawl from the new printed shawls collection! The mixture of soft pastel colors is just too beautiful. Another possible item is this chiffon polkadots top! Slightly sheer cos of the color of the top but hands down, I think it will look lovely paired with a long maxi skirt. Still thinking about it cos of the sheer material. One would have to wear a thin tee inside and hmm, wouldn't that be too hot?

I seldom wear sandals but this one was dirt cheap. 5 dollars a pair from the current Rubi sale!

aria shawl; shopsghijabgirl
supergirl pinkpeach outerwear; upcoming shopsghijabgirl
chiffon polkadots top; upcoming shopsghijabgirl
black jeans; h&m
sandals; rubi

and I'm crazy loving my moustache watch! Its too cute! I check my wristwatch for the time too often just cos I like looking at this cute moustache print hehe.

and yes, I finally hopped on the iPhone bandwagon. For years, I was so reluctant cos I've always been a Blackberry user and I am, or in this case, was madly head over heels in love with their qwerty keypad. Then, it became wonky and annoying and slow and all things negative I refuse to think about it anymore because BB, I've moved on! 

iPhone, pls be nice to me.

First day of using you and I panic every time your batt life goes down a percentage! I'm so afraid to even use you to listen to songs what more to watch videos! Is this normal, iPhone fam?

Okay gtg! Wanna take some time to get to know my new baby hehe.


Wednesday, 17 October 2012

ootd: simple ok let's go style!

Salam alaikum!

Yums. Just had to share with you guys my dinner at Vintage Delicafe! Hands down, I think they're one of my favourite eateries. Good food, nice ambience and definitely generous food portion-wise hehe. The only thing I dread about eating there is the waiting time. But I guess like the saying goes, good things come to those who wait eh? ;)


I didn't know what to wear today. I stared at my wardrobe for a good 10 mins wondering hmm, let's come up with a combination of clothes I've never worn before. 

My 10 mins turned 20. 

I gave up. Another 10 more minutes and I'd be late so I picked my simple go-to style every time this scenario pops up.

I am a big fan of blazers. People ask me the same question all the time, this is sunny humid Singapore, don't you feel hot?! Er no. I think its mainly attributed to the fact that I wear a sleeveless tank or maxi dress inside, so nope, not so hot. I would never wear it with long sleeves though, don't think my heat threshold can take it hehe.

Pair it with a soft flowy chiffon dress.
Don't forget your solid colored belt to add color contrast to your simple maxi dress.

Also, if you have matching printed shawls, why not? I really think that shawls even with simple minimal designs will spice up your plain outfit.

Cobalt Blue Maxi Dress; poplook
Yellow blazer; online store
ribbon belt; upcoming on shopsghijabgirl
ribbon shawl; upcoming on shopsghijabgirl


Monday, 15 October 2012

OOTD: my favourite things

Salam alaikum everyone!

I've been MIA. I know T.T

Anyways, here's a super quick update before I'm off to school! I have a 5 minutes presentation later but the planning definitely took up more than 5 hours of my life! Gosh. I know I'm complaining about school but I know once I start working for real, I'll miss this. Can't complain, school has been nice to me this semester, no more crazy assignments due one by one, I can take my time slowly to finish up everything. Emphasis on slowly though, this girl here procrastinates like crazy when it comes to school work tsk tsk tsk. 

Here's an outfit I wore to my friend's wedding yesterday.

I was at H&M the other day and I saw this peplum lace top. I thought of getting it but the queue to the fitting room was ridiculously long! (Isn't it always like that all the time? h&m Singapore, you've gotta up your service ok!) So, I wandered around, yknow, "window shopping"

The entire time I kept thinking what to match it with. So I ran back up, you should have seen me, going up and down the escalators and again, found myself staring at the rail of lacey goodness. Grabbed it and really hoped that it would fit me nicely. Not too tight, not too loose either. 

I'm not usually lucky when it comes to this, let me tell you. I always have to go back and return the item for another size T.T

This shawl is super hugeeeeeeeeeee but ya, remember the slogan?
Wear your hijab the right way, covering your chest is the best!
So um, ya. Certainly helped me in that department hehe.

If you follow me on Instagram, you'd know that I spent 3-4 painstaking hours doing beadwork on the sleeves of my peplum lace top. I really thought that it was too simple on its own, so I decided, hey, let's give this a try. Beadwork can't be too difficult right?



You need to have tonnes of patience, I'm not kidding guys! No wonder it costs a small fortune to make a tailor do beadwork for your outfit. But I was quite proud of the aftermath, didn't think I had the patience in me to complete what I started (:

Matched it with this lace mermaid skirt I got at a Topshop sale! I love it so much! 

So ya, who says you can't transform high street labels to traditional wear? Hehe. 
If you mix and match correctly, you'll get a lovely traditional outfit, makciks wouldn't even know they're from a store in Orchard Rd ;)

This peplum lace top comes in Red as well. I just bought it so they should still have it in stores, so yup, if you like it, go now okay! Who knows, your outfit for Hari Raya Haji? Hehe.

Finally, completed my outfit with the COMFIEST glitter wedges from Charles & Keith. 
Love Love Love!

Hope you liked this entry! 
Oh and also, LOTS OF NEW ITEMS ON shopsghijabgirl's Facebook!


Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Mini OOTD: je'taime

Salam alaikum!

Crazy busy with shopsghijabgirl! In case you didn't know, lots of new stuffs available! Printed shawls & Printed tops! As you know, my current obsession! Hehe!

I had a presentation the other day so I chose a slightly more formal outfit for school. The yellow chiffon dress screams striking but I've only worn it once and something this striking deserves to be worn out often hehe. To be honest, I do find that its a bit too loud so I paired it with a dark blue shawl & my favourite nautical preppy blazer. 

Clash of prints there but hey don't be afraid to mix and match! I do admit that sometimes certain prints don't go well with each other but I can fairly say that polkadots + stripes = still a-okay! Hehe.

Please ignore my super crumpled Eiffel Tower tote bag! I was in a rush so I grabbed the only bag that could match my outfit :) 

Sailor Shawl; shopsghijabgirl
Nautical Preppy blazer; shopsghijabgirl
Yellow Chiffon Dress; poplook
Bangle; gift from my parents
Ring; h&m
Eiffel Tower tote bag; accessorize

If you don't know, I post outfit photos on instagram first before they see the light of the day on this blog, so you'll definitely see more OOTDs from me there (: