Sunday, 30 September 2012

ootd: unleashing my inner fangirl

Salam alaikum!

You'll be seeing a lot of outfits with me wearing the Waldorf blazers cos I am so so so in love with them hehe. I already have a hot pink blazer but gosh, this striking one is just too irresistible @.@

I dom't know about you but I literally grew up with Harry Potter. I remember my mum printing a few chapters of the first book for me when I was in Primary 2 or 3, I was sold. We immediately bought the first three or two books, I think. Then I remember the painful anticipation when waiting for Rowling to finish writing the next book. Every single time I finish one, I'll be so excited for the next and my mother and I will queue together on the first day of release. I remember skipping school once just to queue up and buy the latest book lol. 

Then came the movies. Tradition for my girlfriends and I to watch Harry Potter together every single time. When the HP movies came to an end, it was so so sad. Felt like I had to say goodbye to something so essential, not having anymore books/movies to look forward to! Super drama right, I know hehe. 

But it's okay, they're still there, on my bookshelf. Waiting for the day when I decide, hey, I feel like re-reading the entire series again :)

Black Beauty Polkadot Shawl; shopsghijabgirl
Hot Pink Waldorf Blazer; shopsghijabgirl
Black Pants; topshop
Harry Potter tee; uniqlo
Black Flats; korea
Accessories; diva


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