Tuesday, 18 September 2012

OOTD Last day of Syawal!

Salam alaikum!

My final raya outing with my yuKnights wearing my final hari raya outfit! Which is actually not really a hari raya outfit! Hahahaha! I ran out of clothes to wear for hari raya so...I grabbed this lace top my mother bought for me when we were in Turkey. Its actually an evening dress with see through 3/4 sleeves so I had to wear a long sleeve cropped top inside. To be honest, I thought the sleeves looked totally ridiculous but I didn't have any red long sleeved tee! Will most probably send this to the tailor to do something about the sleeves. My mother loved the lace detail so much she just went ahead and bought it but I most probably wouldn't have chosen it for myself though I have to admit the lace is oh so gorgeous @.@

No matching skirt so I grabbed shopsghijabgirl's blush pink chiffon skirt hehe. I know I know, I've worn this a few times but I really love how flowy the material is. Every time I get in the cab, I always have to make the driver wait for awhile because I'm busy collecting my skirt from outside the cab, I don't know if you get the picture but ya, just imagine lah ok haha!

I didn't put on heels cos I opted for comfort instead of height hehe. My comfy glitter flats I just got from the recent Dorothy Perkins sale! 

Pictures of us hari raya-ing! Love them so much! :) :)

Syawal, insyAllah we will meet again next year :)

Love, Nadya


  1. i just fall in love with your baju raya

    1. Hehehe technically its not my baju raya, just a mix and match of whatever I have in the closet! :)