Tuesday, 18 September 2012

OOTD: Baju Kurung Cotton Floral+Polkahearts

Salam alaikum!

Have I ever mentioned how much I loveeeee Baju Kurung?! Every year, when my mother asks me what kind of designs I want for my hari raya clothes at our tailor, I'll probably flip through a million magazines, go oooh and aaah at the lovely designs and then answer, erm, baju kurung? I just love baju kurung because of its clean, simple look and its just so comfortable. Only recently did I venture into new territories when I tailored kebaya, long dresses, and other designs for my hari raya clothes. But alas, my heart still lies with my simple baju kurung hehe.

When I saw this cotton baju kurung, it was love at first sight. I know some people may not agree with me because not only there is a clash of prints, its just not conventional looking at all. However, I've received so many compliments for this one mainly cos I think its cutesy looking? Heh. But anws, if you want to try this style out, try to stick to the same color palette. If you're feeling adventurous, of course you may go color blocking, or in this case, print&color blocking with polkadots and stripes or what nots. Up to your personality, really! 

I love this so much....I feel like bringing it in for sghijabgirl. Hehe. 

If you're interested, email me at sghijabgirl@hotmail.com and lemme know okay? You can wear it for Hari Raya Haji! I'm thinking of pink polkadots and florals and stripes and ahhhhhhhh so pretty! @.@

I'm also going to bring in plain lovely shawls like this one from Kaffah! Been trying to source them out for some time now but insyAllah, if all goes well, next month there'll be a galore of lovely shawls to choose from! 

I've also been receiving so much love from my instagram followers. Gonna do a quick giveaway for them soon! :D

Love, Nadya


  1. H! May i ko\now where did you bought your heart pins frm?

    1. I got it from Pasar Geylang! :)
      Far end shop!

  2. The baju kurung so lovely, is it up for sale?