Thursday, 27 September 2012

mini ootd, skincare & jewellery storage!

Salam alaikum!

I am crazy loving my shoe wardrobe mirror right now! Why didn't I think of this earlier? Saves me the embarrassment of posing for the camera in public hehe! Everyday, I get ready to go out, snap a quick picture and then yay I can blog an outfit entry! :D

Yes, there's a trend here, I know, I know. Printed top again? 

Another thing I am crazy loving right now! Why didn't I wear printed tops sooner?! They spice up every single plain outfit I have and becauseeeee everything I love makes it onto shopsghijabgirl, these printed tops will be available soooon! Limited stocks though. I have to also let you girls know that I think these tops are not suitable if worn with pants/jeans cos its kind of short. Perfect for maxi skirts! (:

I think among all my printed tops, this has got to be my favourite one at the moment! Combination of pink + green = my favourite color combination! Hehe.

printed top: shopsghijabgirl
blush pink chiffon skirt: shopsghijabgirl
jewelled bracelet: h&m
ring: thrifted
sling bag: forever 21

Oh btw, I know some of you readers have been emailing me asking how I take care of my skin cos you think its flawless. I have to disappoint you by saying that it is far from flawless, its all the magic behind a Canon camera! Haha! 


I seem to have found my perfect perfect perfect facial cleanser! Its really a miracle that I found it cos it was something I randomly grabbed off the shelves cos it was on sale! I've never even heard of the brand before but I thought okay, no harm trying cos I ran out of facial cleanser at that time. 

You know how in movies the girl tells her girlfriends, she's met THE one?
I've met THE facial cleanser, guys. 

I remember when I was so stressed during practicum, I had no acne whatsoever! Which is a miracle considering I'm the kind of person who gets breakouts whenever I'm stressed. I finished the first tube and I decided to do a test to see if it was really the facial cleanser that was working its magic. I didn't repurchase, bought another facial cleanser and immed, I started to see tiny breakouts here and there. 

Ran to Watson's to grab it and I've never been happier! Lol!

Email me or leave a comment below if you want to know the brand k cos different products work differently on various skin types and I don't want you guys to be mad at me if it doesn't work for you.

Plus, I bought my first ever item on gmarket! Hahahhahaha I know I'm so slow. I'm usually so lazy to shop on gmarket cos I really cannot figure out how to go about buying stuff there lol.

Its this amazinggggggg jewellery storage thingy. 

I have tonnes of bracelets&rings so this really saves me the hassle of going through the tangled up bracelets! I love it so much! I'm just having trouble organising my stuff though, don't know if I should go by color or by type. But ya, if you're having the same problem as me, get it! So so sooo worth it.

Okay gtg!



  1. OMG!! Whats the name of the product? Btw what skin type do you have? YAYYY!!! You are finally bringing in the printed tops! weeee!!!

    1. I have combination skin! Tea Tree Exfoliating Cream Wash! It comes in a green tube! The brand is superdrug if I'm not wrong!

  2. Hi! May i know where did you get the cupcake thingy to put your pins on?

  3. Hi I wanna know what is e cleanser and ur face type too :)

    1. Hi pls tell whats the cleanse u use

    2. I have combination skin! Tea Tree Exfoliating Cream Wash! It comes in a green tube! The brand is superdrug if I'm not wrong!

  4. Hi wats the cleanser u use pls

  5. Superdrug is a good UK brand! I'm going to watsons to try it out since I have combination skin too!

  6. salaam,may i ask if the skirt is translucent under direct sunlight?
    is it safe without wearing an inner skirt?