Sunday, 23 September 2012

mini ootd: pastel florals

salam alaikum!

I've been wearing a lot of printed tops lately! My mother frequently complains that I wear too much basics, plains and she finds it boring. I, on the other hand, choose safe designs over prints cos too much printed stuff and I'll end up looking like a nyonya. No offense to the nyonyas out there hehe.

I especially always avoid florals but this printed top was just too lovely. The right amount of florals and a soft pastel combination of colors. I've never worn this shawl out before because I thought the color didn't suit my skin tone, it turned out okay though maybe cos of the outfit I put together (Y)

I wore this for a recce trip to Boat Quay with my groupmates. It was scorching hot! @.@

polkadot heart ring from accessorize
pastel bracelets from f21

Afterwards, I met my father for a quick shopping session at Takashimaya. Yes, my father is my shopping buddy. The only time I shop with my mother is when we're at geylang. She's the opposite of my father and I hehe.

I bought two super random items. 

Yankee Candles in the scent of Vanilla Lime, Soft Blanket & Vanilla Cupcake.
They have so many luscious scents, it was so hard to choose from! I lit the Vanilla Lime today, turned on the aircon and did my schoolwork. My gosh, felt like I was swimming in a mixture of Solero ice cream! Haha! The other item was a pepper mill from Cole&Mason. Been wanting one since eons, everytime I see cooking shows, be it Nigella or Barefoot Contessa, I'll go ok I must get this and I never do! I keep forgetting about it! This was near the cashier counter so I immed remember and grabbed one! 

Both items from the Takashimaya Home Dept



  1. Salam sis. From where you bought your pant and blouse?

  2. oh i really love nigella's cooking looks yummmm

  3. hye, can u please3 show me 'the tutorial- how to wear shawl' like this! realy luv it =)