Sunday, 30 September 2012

ootd: unleashing my inner fangirl

Salam alaikum!

You'll be seeing a lot of outfits with me wearing the Waldorf blazers cos I am so so so in love with them hehe. I already have a hot pink blazer but gosh, this striking one is just too irresistible @.@

I dom't know about you but I literally grew up with Harry Potter. I remember my mum printing a few chapters of the first book for me when I was in Primary 2 or 3, I was sold. We immediately bought the first three or two books, I think. Then I remember the painful anticipation when waiting for Rowling to finish writing the next book. Every single time I finish one, I'll be so excited for the next and my mother and I will queue together on the first day of release. I remember skipping school once just to queue up and buy the latest book lol. 

Then came the movies. Tradition for my girlfriends and I to watch Harry Potter together every single time. When the HP movies came to an end, it was so so sad. Felt like I had to say goodbye to something so essential, not having anymore books/movies to look forward to! Super drama right, I know hehe. 

But it's okay, they're still there, on my bookshelf. Waiting for the day when I decide, hey, I feel like re-reading the entire series again :)

Black Beauty Polkadot Shawl; shopsghijabgirl
Hot Pink Waldorf Blazer; shopsghijabgirl
Black Pants; topshop
Harry Potter tee; uniqlo
Black Flats; korea
Accessories; diva


Thursday, 27 September 2012

mini ootd, skincare & jewellery storage!

Salam alaikum!

I am crazy loving my shoe wardrobe mirror right now! Why didn't I think of this earlier? Saves me the embarrassment of posing for the camera in public hehe! Everyday, I get ready to go out, snap a quick picture and then yay I can blog an outfit entry! :D

Yes, there's a trend here, I know, I know. Printed top again? 

Another thing I am crazy loving right now! Why didn't I wear printed tops sooner?! They spice up every single plain outfit I have and becauseeeee everything I love makes it onto shopsghijabgirl, these printed tops will be available soooon! Limited stocks though. I have to also let you girls know that I think these tops are not suitable if worn with pants/jeans cos its kind of short. Perfect for maxi skirts! (:

I think among all my printed tops, this has got to be my favourite one at the moment! Combination of pink + green = my favourite color combination! Hehe.

printed top: shopsghijabgirl
blush pink chiffon skirt: shopsghijabgirl
jewelled bracelet: h&m
ring: thrifted
sling bag: forever 21

Oh btw, I know some of you readers have been emailing me asking how I take care of my skin cos you think its flawless. I have to disappoint you by saying that it is far from flawless, its all the magic behind a Canon camera! Haha! 


I seem to have found my perfect perfect perfect facial cleanser! Its really a miracle that I found it cos it was something I randomly grabbed off the shelves cos it was on sale! I've never even heard of the brand before but I thought okay, no harm trying cos I ran out of facial cleanser at that time. 

You know how in movies the girl tells her girlfriends, she's met THE one?
I've met THE facial cleanser, guys. 

I remember when I was so stressed during practicum, I had no acne whatsoever! Which is a miracle considering I'm the kind of person who gets breakouts whenever I'm stressed. I finished the first tube and I decided to do a test to see if it was really the facial cleanser that was working its magic. I didn't repurchase, bought another facial cleanser and immed, I started to see tiny breakouts here and there. 

Ran to Watson's to grab it and I've never been happier! Lol!

Email me or leave a comment below if you want to know the brand k cos different products work differently on various skin types and I don't want you guys to be mad at me if it doesn't work for you.

Plus, I bought my first ever item on gmarket! Hahahhahaha I know I'm so slow. I'm usually so lazy to shop on gmarket cos I really cannot figure out how to go about buying stuff there lol.

Its this amazinggggggg jewellery storage thingy. 

I have tonnes of bracelets&rings so this really saves me the hassle of going through the tangled up bracelets! I love it so much! I'm just having trouble organising my stuff though, don't know if I should go by color or by type. But ya, if you're having the same problem as me, get it! So so sooo worth it.

Okay gtg!


Sunday, 23 September 2012

mini ootd: pastel florals

salam alaikum!

I've been wearing a lot of printed tops lately! My mother frequently complains that I wear too much basics, plains and she finds it boring. I, on the other hand, choose safe designs over prints cos too much printed stuff and I'll end up looking like a nyonya. No offense to the nyonyas out there hehe.

I especially always avoid florals but this printed top was just too lovely. The right amount of florals and a soft pastel combination of colors. I've never worn this shawl out before because I thought the color didn't suit my skin tone, it turned out okay though maybe cos of the outfit I put together (Y)

I wore this for a recce trip to Boat Quay with my groupmates. It was scorching hot! @.@

polkadot heart ring from accessorize
pastel bracelets from f21

Afterwards, I met my father for a quick shopping session at Takashimaya. Yes, my father is my shopping buddy. The only time I shop with my mother is when we're at geylang. She's the opposite of my father and I hehe.

I bought two super random items. 

Yankee Candles in the scent of Vanilla Lime, Soft Blanket & Vanilla Cupcake.
They have so many luscious scents, it was so hard to choose from! I lit the Vanilla Lime today, turned on the aircon and did my schoolwork. My gosh, felt like I was swimming in a mixture of Solero ice cream! Haha! The other item was a pepper mill from Cole&Mason. Been wanting one since eons, everytime I see cooking shows, be it Nigella or Barefoot Contessa, I'll go ok I must get this and I never do! I keep forgetting about it! This was near the cashier counter so I immed remember and grabbed one! 

Both items from the Takashimaya Home Dept


Saturday, 22 September 2012

mini ootd: the mean green machine

Salam alaikum!

I don't usually wear tank tops or shirts with lots of details but this one was just too gorgeous. Printed on silk-feel fabric, and it has all these gold chains and blue jewels. Too too intricate and pretty!

Paired it with my superawesome jetblack waldorf blazer hehe. I wore an XS for the blazer and its such a perfect fit. Fitting sleeves and so well structured <3<3<3

Grabbed one chain/rope looking bangle and I'm off. 

I love this new leather clutch my parents got for me from their recent trip in Sydney!

and my trusty black flats whee.

How could I forget about my mighty green pants? Haha! Super striking but I'm loving it! 


Thursday, 20 September 2012

Mini OOTD: uhuhyouknowwhatitis! Blue and yellow!

Salam alaikum!

I'm trying to make it a habit to blog daily! Super tough but I can do this! Hehe!
So....I've resorted to taking my own outfit photos using the super long mirror of my shoe wardrobe because my usual photographer is currently away on holiday in Krabi T.T

I shall call these entries my mini OOTD shots! Not much details but it helps me especially whenever I'm sitting in front of my wardrobe staring at alllllll my clothes. If you don't know, whenever I have no idea what to wear, I'll browse through my website and tada! Grab what I need and head to the ironing board! Easy peasy!

I guess what made me started this site was basically so I could escape wasting time and immed know what are the possible outfits I can churn out from my wardrobe since I used to have so many 8.30 am classes! No time to play with colors or mix and match to see what goes well with what! None! I had to get ready asap and head to school!

Also, I remember watching this TV show which later on got cancelled (sad), Privileged. The two siblings had this amayzingsuperawesome software called Oracle if I'm not wrong and it archived every single piece of clothing they have. So instead of combing through their wardrobe, all they had to do was to browse through the Oracle and choose their outfit. Don't try googling if the Oracle software exists, I've tried. Hahahhahaa! No such thing although if there was an app for that, I'm sure us girls won't mind having it ya. Hehe!

Navy Blue Shawl; kaffah
Striped cardigan sweater: gift from a friend
Yellow scalloped top; bangkok (thanks buddy!)
Baggy light brown pants; Brands Outlet
Striped shoes; rubi

Anyways, if you're on my Instagram, you'd know I'm doing a new mini giveaway! I bought so many sugar pots, I figured I don't need them all so I'm giving one away. It was so heartpain to decide which color should be given to you guys but alas, I decided on the lovely shade of green and kept the white, hot pink and blue one! Hehehehhehe!

Up for grabs is a super sweet floral shawl & a lovely green sugar pot!

How to enter?

1) follow on instagram
2) like this photo
3) comment with #sghijabgirlgiveaway and your email!

Yay done!
Will select using by midnight tomorrow! ♥


Tuesday, 18 September 2012

OOTD Last day of Syawal!

Salam alaikum!

My final raya outing with my yuKnights wearing my final hari raya outfit! Which is actually not really a hari raya outfit! Hahahaha! I ran out of clothes to wear for hari raya so...I grabbed this lace top my mother bought for me when we were in Turkey. Its actually an evening dress with see through 3/4 sleeves so I had to wear a long sleeve cropped top inside. To be honest, I thought the sleeves looked totally ridiculous but I didn't have any red long sleeved tee! Will most probably send this to the tailor to do something about the sleeves. My mother loved the lace detail so much she just went ahead and bought it but I most probably wouldn't have chosen it for myself though I have to admit the lace is oh so gorgeous @.@

No matching skirt so I grabbed shopsghijabgirl's blush pink chiffon skirt hehe. I know I know, I've worn this a few times but I really love how flowy the material is. Every time I get in the cab, I always have to make the driver wait for awhile because I'm busy collecting my skirt from outside the cab, I don't know if you get the picture but ya, just imagine lah ok haha!

I didn't put on heels cos I opted for comfort instead of height hehe. My comfy glitter flats I just got from the recent Dorothy Perkins sale! 

Pictures of us hari raya-ing! Love them so much! :) :)

Syawal, insyAllah we will meet again next year :)

Love, Nadya

OOTD: Baju Kurung Cotton Floral+Polkahearts

Salam alaikum!

Have I ever mentioned how much I loveeeee Baju Kurung?! Every year, when my mother asks me what kind of designs I want for my hari raya clothes at our tailor, I'll probably flip through a million magazines, go oooh and aaah at the lovely designs and then answer, erm, baju kurung? I just love baju kurung because of its clean, simple look and its just so comfortable. Only recently did I venture into new territories when I tailored kebaya, long dresses, and other designs for my hari raya clothes. But alas, my heart still lies with my simple baju kurung hehe.

When I saw this cotton baju kurung, it was love at first sight. I know some people may not agree with me because not only there is a clash of prints, its just not conventional looking at all. However, I've received so many compliments for this one mainly cos I think its cutesy looking? Heh. But anws, if you want to try this style out, try to stick to the same color palette. If you're feeling adventurous, of course you may go color blocking, or in this case, print&color blocking with polkadots and stripes or what nots. Up to your personality, really! 

I love this so much....I feel like bringing it in for sghijabgirl. Hehe. 

If you're interested, email me at and lemme know okay? You can wear it for Hari Raya Haji! I'm thinking of pink polkadots and florals and stripes and ahhhhhhhh so pretty! @.@

I'm also going to bring in plain lovely shawls like this one from Kaffah! Been trying to source them out for some time now but insyAllah, if all goes well, next month there'll be a galore of lovely shawls to choose from! 

I've also been receiving so much love from my instagram followers. Gonna do a quick giveaway for them soon! :D

Love, Nadya

Thursday, 13 September 2012

shopbysghijabgirl + candy outfit!

Salam alaikum girls!

AAAAAHHH I miss this space! Been so busy with getting new stuff for shopsghijabgirl (I have a confession, I actually typed getting new stuff for gossip girl T.T hahahahhaa what is wrong with meeee) So yup, all these goooood stuff are on the Facebook page >>>>>>>
(I typed the arrow like that because I assumed it would coincidentally arrow towards the FB link on my blog's sidebar heh)

I know some of you girls still send me orders through my supposed online shopping website, but I haven't been updating because......the website's not user friendly at all :( and I think communicating/publishing/uploading pictures through FB is the most efficient medium, as of now. 

So anyways, all the details/measurements/prices are on the FB page, along with the order form too so you can head over there if you see something you like here! (:

I need to rant a bit.

I am head over heels in love with this blazer. I'm not kidding! I've been wanting one in this exact shade of blue and when I first laid my eyes on it, love at first sight guys! The cutting is just oh so adorable and I like that it has functional pockets because recently whenever I buy blazers, they have fake pockets! Cheat my feelings! Haha! I told myself to not keep every single color here........but it's really hard guys. I'm staring at it all day long and in their loud, candy colors, they're screaming "Pick me! Choose me! Love me!" Howwwwww. Gosh, so perfect for color blocking as well! @.@

Anws, here's a super simple outfit of the day cos I woke up and decided that I wanted to have Macs breakfast! Throw on my favourite sweatshirt, jeans (cos I don't need to iron them) and my polkadot Naddy shawl! Also, I figured that these three pastel colors look pretty together so I mixed mintgreen+pink+yellow to create a fun color combination! Do you realise that they tend to place these three colors in the stores side by side? I just noticed it heh!