Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Sponsored: Heroine Make and OOTD

Salam alaikum!

I've been meaning to blog about this event I was invited to several weeks ago. I'm not usually an eye make up person because I'm usually lazy to remove them hehe. Really! Eye make up can be quite a hassle sometimes (esp when you want to take wudhu and all T.T) but every first day of Hari Raya, I will surely put it on (cos you know, you want to look pretty and gorgeous right hehe)

To be honest, I've never heard of Heroine Make before this event but now that I've tried their products, I can't help but check out their stuff every now and then at Watsons! So..if you're looking for an awesome mascara, eyeliner or mascara remover, you should seriously consider Heroine Make (:

First, their stuff really does wonders, I'm not kidding! Before the event, they actually measured the size of our eyes. After trying out their products, they measured our eyes again and whaddya know, all of us had an increase of a number of cms just by using their eyeliner and mascara. Shows how much difference it makes to your eyes! 

So I went home and tried out the stuff they sponsored! First up is their Long and Curl Mascara ($21.90). Guys, its super amazing. I didn't even have to use an eyelash curler! Non-smudge, waterproof and it really lengthens your eyelash. Not only that, it contains royal jelly extract, rosa canina fruit oil and camelia seed oil which apparently are awesome lash conditioning products!

I think this is mainly because of the small brush. It really helped me to reach the finest lashes at the corner of my eyes which most of the time, I ignore when I'm using other mascaras. Can't reach them without poking my eye leading to a waterfall of tears and me regretting! Why did I ever decide to put on mascara T.T But no such thing now with Heroine Make's mascara wheehee (Y)

and if you loveeeeeee to put on eyeliner. Winged-tip or cat-eyed and all, they also have their very sharp tipped eyeliner. I like!

and Finally, this is the best product for us, Muslim girls! I know we all face the problem of having to remove our make up properly before our prayers. This Mascara Remover by Heroine Make ($14.90) really helps to make it less of a chore! No more tugging your eyelashes, it cares and conditions your eyelashes and is also gentle and non-stinging to the eyes. You just need to brush it on your mascara covered eyelashes, take a cotton pad and swipe it. Tada! Gone! Love it to bits! 

and because its been so long since I last did an OOTD entry!

Shawl; Kaffah
Denim Jacket; topshop
Pleated dress; thrifted
Pants; zara
Accessories; diva

I'm going to put together a giveaway soon! (cos I reached 1000 likes on FB and I am so happy hehe!)