Thursday, 23 August 2012


salam alaikum!

One thing that this OOTD reminded me was, hey, is this a 4th of July look? If you have no idea what on earth I'm talking about, its ok cos it doesn't involve us at all! Haha! Its America's Independence Day so on the 4th of July, they'll dress up in red, white and blue. No no no, I definitely wasn't going for that! It was only after I stepped out of the house, I realised, eh I look like an American flag T.T

Anyways, the look I was actually going for, was something nautical. I love love love stripes. Navy Blue on white, Mustard on white, Red on white! Love it so much! Here's a fun fashion fact! These horizontal stripes first came about because the navy and white striped shirt was the uniform for French sailors way way way back then. Coco Chanel, inspired by the look, introduced this design to the fashion world in her first nautical themed collection in 1917! So ya, there you go! If you ever wondered how did horizontal stripes ever became a fashion trend since y'know, it's not really flattering as compared to vertical stripes (which makes you look slimmer hehe)

What I usually do when it comes to choosing outfits is....I pick the shoe I want to wear for that day first. Then, I plan my outfit according to the shoe hehe. So, since I just received my super awesome Fred Perry nautical-themed shoe, I decided ok hey, let's pretend we're sailors! If you don't know, I love FP shoes because they are just oh so awesome. They're so comfortable (except for the first time you break them out, they hurt like crazy so better get ready your plasters and everything) and they last for very long! I still have my FPs I bought when I was in Year 1 in uni :D

So yes, if you have no idea what to wear. Try that out! Pick your shoe first! Don't know if it works for you but it definitely works for me heh.

April Floral Shawl; shopsghijabgirl
White Blazer; Uniqlo
Red White striped tee; zara
Electric Blue pants; H&M
Shoes; Fred Perry
Heart Polkadot ring; Accessorize


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