Thursday, 14 June 2012


Salam alaikum!

I forgot and totally skipped Day 6 of HFW! Haha! I only realised it several days after I submitted Day 7! Silly me! 

So here's my 'Date Night' Outfit! 

Maroon Shawl; Kaffah
Lace Outerwear: Eatingzombie
Floral Tee: Cache Cache
Blush Pink Chiffon Maxi Skirt: shopsghijabgirl
Bow Clutch: H&M
Kitten Heels: Mitju

I think from now on I'll just list down where to get the items that I'm wearing. I think its more readable when you put it in a list (:

Anyways, aside from outfit & baking entries, its been quite some time since I last shared articles/diy stuff with you guys :( Lately I always forget to bookmark super awesome articles and when I feel like reading it again, I have no idea where to retrieve it from. InsyAllah, from now onwards I'll make it a habit to bookmark every good read so I can share it!

For this Hijab style, I have no tutorial but I just whacked and tried my best to replicate this hijab style by Siti J! Oh my it looked so simple but it took me eons!!!! T.T

and as I'm typing this I just found out I was featured on aquila! Sweet! (: Can't believe they actually compiled my recent looks! Anws, thank you aquila style! (:

Also, you can follow me on instagram if you want! I'm definitely much more active there hehe!
Find nadyawesome okie? (:


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  1. Salam sis!(:
    wear did you get your lovely sunglasses from?