Tuesday, 8 May 2012

OOTD: plaid pyjamas?

Salam alaikum!!!!

Yay I'm back! Istanbul was fabulous and so mindblowing I think no city can ever compete with how I feel towards her! Its so rich with history, its ridiculous @.@ insyAllah when I have the time I'll share with you photos of the asgfdhsgfjsg beyond beautiful places I went to (:

In the meantime, you can order the paisley/polkadot shawls & maxi dress if you want it okie! Anyways, are you joining the upcoming Hijabi Fashion Week? Do join cos its really awesome hehe I look forward to it but ahhh this year's themes are quite similar to last year's so I've gotta crack my brains so as to not repeat outfits again.

Here's today's OOTD! My dad bought for me the plaid pants when I was 12 or 11 I think, I'm quite surprised it still fits. My mum calls it pyjama pants hehe! The bag is vintage, belonged to my mum when she was in her teens. The crochet flats are from H&M (I fell in love with it the moment I saw it in H&M China but they didn't have my size), I'm so glad I saw it in Istanbul's H&M, I grabbed it and immed went to the cashier. Must have! Topshop and Dorothy Perkins also had the exact same crochet flats but theirs cost a bomb! Lastly, Maroon Kaffah shawl (:

I got a few silk shawls when I was in Istanbul (think Hana Tajima's silk shawl, yes something exactly similar), I'm thinking whether to keep it all to myself or sell it on sghijabgirl...I'm putting together some items for a mini giveaway on sghijabgirl so maybe I'll just make it a giveaway item eh?



Okay gtg xxxxx,



  1. lovely pants and i have the same pair of shoes!!

  2. Thank you babe! Rly? How much did you get it for?? (:

  3. $19.90...but now so sayang to wear it because its always raining!

  4. hii! hijab tutorial.... pretty pleaseeeee !!!