Friday, 25 May 2012

Istanbul: OOTD & Hagia Sophia

Salam alaikum!

I haven't been updating my OOTD entries because I'm saving them for the 7 day Hijabi Fashion Week that's going to happen on the 28th of May! Have you registered? Do join cos it'll be really nice to see fellow Singaporean Hijabis posting their looks on the site. I participated last year and I have to say, I love HFW. I don't usually have a problem dressing up but once you give me a theme, I can't help but feel challenged to come up with my best interpretation of the theme hehe. Here are the details! 

If you don't have a blog, then by all means, you should tag! I'll be glad to compile them according to the theme of the day! (:

Anyways, I promised to share lovely pictures of Istanbul so here's a bit. Won't go too much in detail but hey, pictures speak a thousand words right? :D

As part of a woo-the-tourists plan by the Turkey Tourism Industry, they planted 11 million tulips all over Istanbul! Can you imagine how beautiful it is? It feels like you're frolicking in a garden everyday!

I wore Lily Paisley Shawl from sghijabgirl, yellow blazer from eatingzombie, yellow striped tee from zara & the skirt is actually a dress from my supplier hehe.

The bridge connecting Europe & Asia.

In the amazing Hagia Sophia where I went crazy looking at the magnificent tiling and mosaics. Too beautiful to describe.

Here's a bit of history if you're wondering why is the Hagia Sophia so famous.

Rebuilt by the orders of Emperor Justinian in 537, for 900 years Hagia Sophia had been the center of Orthodox Christianity until 1453 when the city was concurred by Ottomans. 500 years following the conquest of Muslims, it became a jewel for the Muslim world and as the grand mosque of the sultans.

So you have elements of Christianity and Islam fused in one building. 

They have this beautiful chandeliers, just floating above ground level.

Gosh, just look at that.

Its really hugeeeee, we were in there for hours just staring, gaping in awe at the intricacies and the tiniest details of the historical building.

The view from the second floor of the Hagia Sophia.

Okie that's all! Will post more Turkey pictures, insyAllah!


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  1. Hello Nadia,
    is this your new url?
    Anyway,Istanbul looks amazing and it's one of my must-go places one day ;-)

    And talking about HFW,now I have a participant I want to copycat on day 7.It's you :P

    Hope you won't mind.