Tuesday, 29 May 2012

DIY: Glitterflats!

Salam alaikum!

There are rare moments when my hands itch to create something.....and this was the result of those moments I get super psyched and start diy-ing something immediately! Few months back, I was window shopping and I saw these gorgeous Zara glitter flats. They had this lovely pink undertone with kitten heels and pointy ends. It was love at first sight. (I tried looking for the picture so you girls can see how beautiful it is but rly, its as if it never existed. Can't find it at all! )

But, I had those rare moments (again) when I would think of the confessions of a shopaholic movie scene (you know, the one where she walks away and all the mannequins clap for her), yes that one. I walked away (and I had my imaginary mannequins clap for me hehe). 

Yes, I regret walking away. They were gorgeous. They were perfect and they would have spiced up any boring outfit in my wardrobe. I came back a week later and they were nowhere to be found. Poof! I'm still bitter about it but I won't be for long because I've managed to do something a bit.....similar. I'm convincing myself they're similar. Haha!

First, you light up your favourite scented candle and turn on the aircon. Optional step ok.

Grab your favourite glitter color combination.

Get your Mod Podge or in my case, some scotchtape spray thingy.

Tape it if you don't want glitter all over your shoes.

Glue. Glitter. Wait.

Wait. Wait. Wait. Instagram.

Take your other glitter color.

Tape. Glue. Pink Glitter. Wait.

Spray some hairspray to make sure the glitter doesn't fall off easily.

Tada! Paired with my favourite glittery clutch and I'm good to go! (:

I don't know how it'll last in the rain but let's just see.......hehe.



  1. I have been meaning to do this since forever! But i am still searching for the coating spray. Now I cant wait to start on my coated jeans diy! hehe


    1. Hehe! I just whack anyhow with this spray you know! Aisey, ok can't wait for your DIY entry!! :D


  2. Hello! May I know what lens you are using?

  3. great DIY idea! i have a pair of black flats but have absolutely no idea how to spice it up, thank you for the inspiration! also love your photos, so pretty :)

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  4. Hi Nad!
    Mind telling me where u purchase the glitters & the scotch tape spray? I really wanna do one too!! :))