Wednesday, 30 May 2012

HFW: DAY 2 / OOTD Candy

Salam alaikum!

Theme: Favorite Hijab: Create an outfit inspired by your favourite Hijab!

My current favourite Hijab is this lovely mint paisley shawl from shopsghijabgirl hehe! I usually don't like repeating anything from my wardrobe in like, a week but this shawl has made me break my self-imposed rule! I've never worn anything mint until I met this shawl. The paisley print is just so gorgeous. Intricate but at the same time, the shawl's color combi is pretty simple, mint+white.

It reminds me of candy, don't ask me why, hence the outfit. I know they usually say don't pair pastel with pastel because the color gets washed out but I thought the shawl compliments the pastel colors nicely (:
My favourite mint green pants from zara, paired with a pastel pink sweater and this castle-happykid-printed tank top. I know it looks a bit ridiculous but I had no other matching printed tank tops haha! 

Grabbed a pink laced bag I recently got from the mitju sale and comfy white shoes. The pants were a bit on the loose side so I tied a strip of cloth to make it a belt for my outfit. I went pretty simple with the accessories too, my favourite bracelet ever from T&Co and a pink pearlescent ring I got from a flea market (:

Okay gtg! Tomorrow is shopping-with-my-bestfriend day since the Great Singapore Sale has begun! (:
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Tuesday, 29 May 2012

DIY: Glitterflats!

Salam alaikum!

There are rare moments when my hands itch to create something.....and this was the result of those moments I get super psyched and start diy-ing something immediately! Few months back, I was window shopping and I saw these gorgeous Zara glitter flats. They had this lovely pink undertone with kitten heels and pointy ends. It was love at first sight. (I tried looking for the picture so you girls can see how beautiful it is but rly, its as if it never existed. Can't find it at all! )

But, I had those rare moments (again) when I would think of the confessions of a shopaholic movie scene (you know, the one where she walks away and all the mannequins clap for her), yes that one. I walked away (and I had my imaginary mannequins clap for me hehe). 

Yes, I regret walking away. They were gorgeous. They were perfect and they would have spiced up any boring outfit in my wardrobe. I came back a week later and they were nowhere to be found. Poof! I'm still bitter about it but I won't be for long because I've managed to do something a bit.....similar. I'm convincing myself they're similar. Haha!

First, you light up your favourite scented candle and turn on the aircon. Optional step ok.

Grab your favourite glitter color combination.

Get your Mod Podge or in my case, some scotchtape spray thingy.

Tape it if you don't want glitter all over your shoes.

Glue. Glitter. Wait.

Wait. Wait. Wait. Instagram.

Take your other glitter color.

Tape. Glue. Pink Glitter. Wait.

Spray some hairspray to make sure the glitter doesn't fall off easily.

Tada! Paired with my favourite glittery clutch and I'm good to go! (:

I don't know how it'll last in the rain but let's just see.......hehe.


Monday, 28 May 2012


Salam alaikum!'s the first day of Hijabi Fashion Week!

Theme: Leaders in Hijab; What leadership roles do you have and how do you dress for them as a Hijabi?

Last year, I went for a formal corporate look with blazer, satin blouse and pants but this year, something more formal casual, if that even makes sense :/ Currently, I don't have any leadership roles but next year, I definitely have to step up my game as a leader cos I'm going to graduate and become a full-time teacher! Gosh, you have no idea how daunting it is 0.0

Aside from being a teacher, I wouldn't say I'm a budding entrepreneur but I would love to be one. I currently have my small online store that I love to bits and no matter how challenging it is at times, I think so far, it has been a great and wonderful learning experience (:

I went for this simple look of clothes that I feel most comfortable in. I'm wearing sghijabgirl's floral shawl, mustard blazer from Bangkok and a cute polkadot dress from Poplook with simple gold flats. The  Longchamp messenger bag is my favourite because although it looks tiny, I can dump a lot of things in it and it has a lot of compartments! Hehe!

The simple blazer gives me some sort of 'structure' as a leader and the combination of dress&flats makes it easy to climb the staircase on my way to classes hehe and if you were to run an online store, you'd better look presentable, no? ;)

Okay gtg! Been crazy busy handling orders and stuff! I better plan my outfit for tmrw's theme!
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Ps: Drop by my online store? ;)
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Friday, 25 May 2012

Istanbul: OOTD & Hagia Sophia

Salam alaikum!

I haven't been updating my OOTD entries because I'm saving them for the 7 day Hijabi Fashion Week that's going to happen on the 28th of May! Have you registered? Do join cos it'll be really nice to see fellow Singaporean Hijabis posting their looks on the site. I participated last year and I have to say, I love HFW. I don't usually have a problem dressing up but once you give me a theme, I can't help but feel challenged to come up with my best interpretation of the theme hehe. Here are the details! 

If you don't have a blog, then by all means, you should tag! I'll be glad to compile them according to the theme of the day! (:

Anyways, I promised to share lovely pictures of Istanbul so here's a bit. Won't go too much in detail but hey, pictures speak a thousand words right? :D

As part of a woo-the-tourists plan by the Turkey Tourism Industry, they planted 11 million tulips all over Istanbul! Can you imagine how beautiful it is? It feels like you're frolicking in a garden everyday!

I wore Lily Paisley Shawl from sghijabgirl, yellow blazer from eatingzombie, yellow striped tee from zara & the skirt is actually a dress from my supplier hehe.

The bridge connecting Europe & Asia.

In the amazing Hagia Sophia where I went crazy looking at the magnificent tiling and mosaics. Too beautiful to describe.

Here's a bit of history if you're wondering why is the Hagia Sophia so famous.

Rebuilt by the orders of Emperor Justinian in 537, for 900 years Hagia Sophia had been the center of Orthodox Christianity until 1453 when the city was concurred by Ottomans. 500 years following the conquest of Muslims, it became a jewel for the Muslim world and as the grand mosque of the sultans.

So you have elements of Christianity and Islam fused in one building. 

They have this beautiful chandeliers, just floating above ground level.

Gosh, just look at that.

Its really hugeeeee, we were in there for hours just staring, gaping in awe at the intricacies and the tiniest details of the historical building.

The view from the second floor of the Hagia Sophia.

Okie that's all! Will post more Turkey pictures, insyAllah!


Thursday, 17 May 2012

Sponsored: Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid Moisturising UV Milk

I don't know about you but I use sunscreen everyday! It is afterall one of the most essential skincare products to prevent wrinkles and skin cancer (and because my mom nags at me if I don't hehe) I don't know to what extent is that true cos I saw another article the other day saying the opposite but I figured, better be safe than sorry! My usual sunscreen product is the Mac Prep & Prime Face Protect with SPF 50 but I was recently sent this new product. I've tried it for a week now and so far, I have to say that Mac Prep & Prime, I think you'll have to spend some time alone in my dresser's drawer, sorry!

First of all, I love it most because with Mac Prep & Prime, if I want to take the ablution outside, I'd have to spend some time to remove it but with this product, it comes off quite easily. Second, the size of the bottle (38ml). Its not too big, not too small either so I can bring it out, for easy reapplication.

You just need to use this tiny pea-size amount for your entire face. Shake well before use and I love the texture. It looks watery and milky but when you apply it, it doesn't leave that oily/sticky feeling. Instead, it gets absorbed easily into your skin. Its not enough for you to skip your daily moisturiser though definitely more moisturising than other sunscreen products I have tried before. Also, its fragrance-free.

I'll definitely be re-purchasing this when I'm done with this bottle (:

Here's the official product description:
Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing UV Milk with SPF50 PA+++ is a 3-In-1 Sun Protection which offers High Sun Protection While Caring For Skin.
This multipurpose UV milk has 3-in-1 benefits: UV Protection, Hydration, and Make-Up Base.
The UV milk is gentle on skin, as it is free of artificial ingredients such fragrances, mineral oil, alcohol and colorant that may burden the skin.
This UV milk also keeps the skin’s pH balanced, and is rigorously tested for low skin irritation.

You can get the Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing UV Milk with SPF50 PA+++  at only $19.90 and is exclusively available at Watsons. Do 'Like' Hada Labo SG's Facebook page now for free Hada Labo samples and exciting giveaways!



Tuesday, 8 May 2012

OOTD: plaid pyjamas?

Salam alaikum!!!!

Yay I'm back! Istanbul was fabulous and so mindblowing I think no city can ever compete with how I feel towards her! Its so rich with history, its ridiculous @.@ insyAllah when I have the time I'll share with you photos of the asgfdhsgfjsg beyond beautiful places I went to (:

In the meantime, you can order the paisley/polkadot shawls & maxi dress if you want it okie! Anyways, are you joining the upcoming Hijabi Fashion Week? Do join cos its really awesome hehe I look forward to it but ahhh this year's themes are quite similar to last year's so I've gotta crack my brains so as to not repeat outfits again.

Here's today's OOTD! My dad bought for me the plaid pants when I was 12 or 11 I think, I'm quite surprised it still fits. My mum calls it pyjama pants hehe! The bag is vintage, belonged to my mum when she was in her teens. The crochet flats are from H&M (I fell in love with it the moment I saw it in H&M China but they didn't have my size), I'm so glad I saw it in Istanbul's H&M, I grabbed it and immed went to the cashier. Must have! Topshop and Dorothy Perkins also had the exact same crochet flats but theirs cost a bomb! Lastly, Maroon Kaffah shawl (:

I got a few silk shawls when I was in Istanbul (think Hana Tajima's silk shawl, yes something exactly similar), I'm thinking whether to keep it all to myself or sell it on sghijabgirl...I'm putting together some items for a mini giveaway on sghijabgirl so maybe I'll just make it a giveaway item eh?



Okay gtg xxxxx,