Sunday, 8 April 2012

OOTD: pink, green & paisley.

Salam alaikum!

Yay! Finally one OOTD entry after super long! My bestfriend told us Mitju's having their annual warehouse sale at Scape so off we went! Initial plans to drop by Singapore Expo disappeared into thin air cos we were in there for hours. Gosh, girls plus a huge room of shoes on sale is just a really bad combination for my poor wallet.

Anyways, I wore my new Paisley Shawl from sghijabgirl (love it to bits!), white blazer from Uniqlo (they're having a sale cos they just opened a store in Parkway), pink satin blouse from g2000 and my favourite green pants from zara. The t-bar wedges is from a store at FEP.

My very happy face upon seeing shoes at 8 dollars per pair hehe.


My bestfriend, Adillah was 'filtering'. You see, we grabbed everything we liked, sat in one corner and made our decisions, who's eliminated and who gets to be brought back home wahaha! Do you that too?

Thanks Aini baby for telling us all about the sale (She's the one who suggested we go to the sale and she's the one who went back home with a much much smaller loot than us T_T)

They have bags on sale too! ( I grabbed two, super cheap hehe)

Tomorrow's the last day! I think its really worth it, especially if you've always loved Mitju (like us! hehe!)





  1. Wow I wish I could've been there, I love Mitju! You and your friends look great too! x

  2. Wow I wish I could've been there, I love Mitju! You and your friends look great hun x

  3. Omg lol I accidentally linked my uni assignment blog to my comment, but it's me k! ;p

  4. i got two pairs of shoes too! wanted to grab the bags but decided not to in the end hehehe