Friday, 13 April 2012

OOTD: hey orange!

Salam alaikum!

Gosh, its been really rainy these days so you might be wondering why on earth is this girl wearing sunnies? To hide my eyebags haha no I'm just kidding (I gave up hiding my eyebags long ago), it was really sunny one minute and then the next minute it was raining cats and dogs T_T but the rain's a blessing from Allah, so no complaining Nadia!

So..I've been really loving my paisley shawls!!!! Oh my, I used to wear my polkadot shawls all the time but it seems that its been quite some time since they've seen the light of the day! The paisley shawls are so adorable because in just one shawl, there's a mixture of up to 5 colors so I can match it with lots of clothes in my wardrobe hehe. This one's Blair, in case you're wondering ;)

The bag is the one I got at the Mitju sale I raved about in the last entry! Cheap! The actual price was 60 something if I'm not wrong but I got it at just 20 bucks. I'm a huge fan of lace so I think this is really pretty. They had it in black too but I practiced my once in a while self restraining skills and I walked away with just this one in tow. Proud of myself! Hehe you have no idea how lovely it is! Striking orange shoes were also from the Mitju sale. Only 15 dollars!

I've never worn a cropped top before so this is a first! Quickly got it in a few colors when I saw it on Btw, I just got to know that supre offers free international shipping now, and they were so fast! They arrived just 2 days after I placed my order. I've always loved cropped tops cos it looks so relaxed and casual so I paired it with sghijabgirl's black maxi skirt (which is out of stock for now, will restock!) I don't need to rave about this skirt do I? Its so comfyyyyyy hehe, you can check out Sghijabgirl's facebook page and read comments left by some of the buyers! Alhamdulillah they all loved it!

Anyways, a reader kindly sent me her picture with the polkadot shawls she bought from me and I felt really happy! Hahahaha! Please don't think I'm weird but its kinda nice to see people loving what they've bought from you :) So send me a picture wearing anything you bought from sghijabgirl? I will forever love you! ;D



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