Tuesday, 27 March 2012

OOTD: rawr

Salam alaikum!

Another OOTD entry! I just brought in animal-prints shawls for sghijabgirl's facebook site and tried it out the other day! Not bad! Hahaha honestly wouldn't expect there would be a day I'd be brave enough to pull it off. Turns out okay. Though I think the trick is to tone down your clothes cos the leopard prints are kinda messy, in a way. You wouldn't want to be over the top with clashing prints (unless if you're confident you can pull it off then go ahead by all means! Hehe)

I especially love this shawl cos of the color combination! To me, grey complements pink beautifully! (:

It rained all day so I didn't mind wearing a shirt + argyle sweater and I loveeeee wearing pants. I prefer pants over jeans to be honest. Plus the envelope bag which I sometimes carry to school. Sometimes. As much as I love how simple and easy, I prefer a proper bag to store my pencil case, prayer items and stuff, so ya. Maybe its perfect for a trip to the nearby library to study?

Got my lacoste kicks from asos.com, I love the website though these days I stay far far away from it as possible. Ignoring all the emails telling me "60% off! 40% off!" Maybe I should just unsubscribe from their mailing list. Too tempting!

k gtg!



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  1. Salam, i wanna ask .. If you any blogshops that sells hijab and maxi dresses to go along hijab. Thanks (: