Thursday, 8 March 2012

3 Outfit of the Days! no wait, 5!

Salam alaikum!

Just a quick update! Been out and about with these lovely girls, Hanis and Dalillah! Gosh, I love meeting like-minded individuals due to our similar interests and most importantly, our main love for clothes hehe.

So..not only you get an Outfit of the Day from me, you get 3 Outfit of the Days!, no wait, 5! :)

photo: Hanis

Navy Blue Shawl; kaffah 

Denim Jacket; topshop

Paisley Pleated Skirt; eatingzombie

photo: Hanis

Hanis's outfit from top to toe:

Meem Clothings

photo: Hanis

I didn't get to take Dali's OOTD cos we only met her later but here you go!

Here's another one, on a different day.

Hehehe advertisement for my polkadot shawls.

I know I've said I'm not taking in orders anymore but you guys keep emailing me, so I've relented and yes, am opening another preorder (Y)

My Outfit:

Floral Blazer; eatingzombie

Dusty Pink shawl; kaffah

Boots; asos

ok toodles! Hope you like the pictures! Will update soon-ish! (:


  1. You all look so beautiful Mashallah. YOu look like you had a great time :)

  2. Hi sis! Love love the outfits. but i like your fren's shoes. Dalilah's...any idea where she purchased them? :) TQ

  3. everyone is so pretty! <3

  4. Been enjoying reading ur blog. thanks for sharing yah. Adore your styles and ur friends' too. Dalilah has a really cool bag, Cambridge Satchel? :>

  5. dalillah ismail12 March 2012 at 09:13

    Aww, Nadya nice meeting you twice! Hopefully, again! :) xoxo

  6. Hi, nice post! May I know where your friend got her T-strap flatforms? Its in red in the 5th photo and in camel in the 9th. Thanks!

  7. Oops I meant camel in the 5th photo and red in the 9th haha thanks again!

  8. Gosh, sorry for this very late reply! Far East Plaza, level 2!

  9. Hi may I pls know where this place is at?

  10. love the t-strap flatforms that u friend wore...where can i get those?