Monday, 20 February 2012

Vanity Trove February!

Salam alaikum !

So wheeee received February's trove! Super excited to open it up when I got it, I mean srsly, who doesn't love surprises right? Heh.

(I actually opened it up in Topshop's fitting room ya I know, I cannot handle surprises wahaha!)

Nestled amidst the soft purple paper is a fragrant pink rose and fragrant potpourri! I think this is specially for Feb's box though to suit their theme of Vday (:

As usual, short intro card on what's inside the box. With descriptions and price of full sized items.

Yums goodies!

First of is the 2 bottles from Nicki Minaj's latest collection! I don't really put on nail polish but I thought the colors were too striking for me? I saw other reviews and they got pink and glittery ones, which I would have very much preferred. Hahaha! But anyways, its good to try something new once in a while I guess (:

Gave my mum this shampoo & conditioner set and she loved it so much! The scent is not your usual fruity/floral kind. I loved the packaging so I kept the purple pouch hehe.

An accessory from! I don't put on earrings so I gave this to my friend! See? This box can be used to spread the love to your friends if you can't wear/use it! Hehehe!

I loveeeee this soap! The smell is so refreshing! Would totally buy a full bar of soap for this one.

Haven't tried this eyemask out but I've read reviews and they said it worked wonders? Maybe I should be adventurous and try it out hehe.

and last but not least is this satchet of tea! I brewed it last night and the smell was heavenly!

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