Saturday, 25 February 2012

OOTD #25 & super short review of Straits Kitchen

Salam alaikum!

Okay, before I begin this entry, can the winner of the giveaway contact me at I've sent you several emails but it keeps bouncing back to me! 0.0

Went for brunch with my parents at Straits Kitchen the other day! Was too lazy to dress up so I chose a chiffon maxi dress from lovebonito and paired it with a topshop denim jacket. I loveeee topshop's denim jacket for its material. I've bought denim jackets from other stores but I think topshop's is the best. Right from the start, even before washing, the material is soft and in our weather, you'd think its crazy to put on a denim jacket but nooooo, you won't feel hot at all (okay maybe a teeny bit because afterall its denim, but just stay in airconditioned places k? :D). If you want to grab it in this color, better grab it fast. The denim jackets are seasonal and the next color is much much darker, like the color of normal jeans and honestly, I don't find it as nice as the light blue denim ones. I think this color is more suitable if you were to pair it with flowy dresses. Softens the whole denim look (:

I figured I'd write a super chop chop short review on Straits Kitchen cos I was looking for reviews and I couldn't find any recent ones! (before my trip there) My family and I usually frequent Carousel because we love the spread of international cuisine there and the desserts! They make the best creme brulee and that, is enough to win me over. So when my mum suggested, Straits Kitchen, I thought, hmm, okay let's give it a try.

To sum it up, SK is the epitome of a high class hawker centre? I mean, they specialise in serving Malay, Indian and Chinese cuisine so what you can expect is, prawn noodle, laksa, chicken rice, duck rice, naan, briyani, rendang and the list goes on.  I think it is definitely a perfect place if you were to bring a friend/family from overseas to let them try alllllll the popular food Singapore has to offer. Even the desserts are traditional kuihs, ice kachang, muah chee, sago gula melaka etc.

But, if you're a Singaporean, I think you can skip this place and head for Carousel instead. Not only is it cheaper than SK, the desserts are the bomb!!!! and they serve a bit of Asian food too! So you get the best of both worlds hehe. However, if you're bringing older people, I think they'd love SK. My parents loved it so much! I think they prefer piping hot cooked dishes rather than Carousel's cold salmon sashimi (YUMS), pasta station, cold salad get what I mean.

For drinks, its free flow of tea/coffee at Carousel (if I'm not wrong) and for SK, free flow of fruit juice.

Some readers have been emailing me to see how I wear the polkadot shawl! Here's me and my cousin wearing it heheh! For those who requested for tutorials, er, insyAllah one day ok.

Next entry would be a haul entry! I went to's showroom and OHMAI, everything's so cheap!!!! O.O

Love, Nadia!

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