Monday, 27 February 2012

elf haul! (:

Salam alaikum!

Finally! After such a long long long time, I made my way to's showroom to get some elf items! I've been reading countless reviews on their products and so, I grabbed some of their highly raved products!

elf High Definition powder, $10.

The powder is super super SUPER soft, it feels like flour and yes, it is wonderful. I'm not a heavy make up user so whenever I use my liquid foundation, I use this to set it and ohmy, it does an amazing job. Definitely a must have product, what more with the super cheap price tag. The only setback is the container!!!! It is definitely not user friendly and its so messy! I don't know if I'm the clumsy one but I keep spilling some of it on my dresser whenever I'm transferring it to the top part where I'll dip in the brush and its such a waste! I'm thinking of changing the container pronto! Also, my friend told me that, yes, it leaves your skin smoooooth but don't keep on putting lots of it on your face because she once did just that and turned up looking ghostly in photos lol.

elf Healthy glow shimmer powder, $3

I actually wanted to get the Blush/Contour duo but I figured I just got the Nars Orgasm blusher so I'd skip that but I'm really regretting it now! Boo! My blogger friends, ovenhaven, teanoir and mynakedlunch have vouched for its awesomeness and I think I might get it on my next visit hehe. This powder here does a good job of contouring, however, it is too dark so I need to only use a teeny bit otherwise, I'll have streaks of different shades on my cheeks. Maybe if your skin is a darker shade, it'll suit you best. The colour pay off is good though, not too shimmery, in fact its quite matte actually.

elf Tone Correcting Concealer, $3

Still don't know how I feel about this product. Doesn't do a good job at concealing, but its not bad too. I like the size though and how user friendly it is. Swipe it, pat lightly and you're done.

elf Eye Widener, $3.

Haven't tried this one yet. Don't even know why I got it haha!

THIS. I've been wanting to get this since I saw it in Michelle Phan's how to clean your brushes video!

The Brush Guard (various sizes), $8

It comes in a packet of 6 brush guards in different sizes for your various brushes. I think its really important to have this for your brushes especially because these brushes goes on to your face and you know how it is when dust+face = breakouts eeyer. Better to be safe than sorry!

Got myself some brushes too.

Foundation Brush, $3

Bronzer Brush, $3

Powder Brush, $6

The foundation and bronzer brush are so-so. Not that spectacular, doesn't do a great job at doing what its supposed to do, I feel but the Powder Brush is amazing!!!!!! I use it with the High Def powder and it does a great job of buffing it in. It does not shed and its so so smooth, for only $6 its definitely worth it. Actually, all the brushes that I got from elf, does not shed which is definitely a thumbs up.


The next products is not from smoochiezz but I got it at the drugstore. This is not suitable for people with oily skin, more for combination/dry. The finish is a teeny bit glittery but you can't really see it on your face. It does give you a slight glow and dewy look though. However, I have a feeling that this doesn't go well with my face. I had a bit of breakouts the other day and was trying to think which of the new products was causing it. I've stopped using this for awhile to see if this one's the culprit. I hope not! :(

and finally, I got this cute heart shaped pins from Geylang Market! Pair it with my polkadot shawls and you get cuteness overload lol.

The cupcake pin cushion was a present my bestfriends diy-ed for me. I love it so much! It sits so yummy on my dresser! Heheh.

Love, Nadia!