Monday, 27 February 2012

elf haul! (:

Salam alaikum!

Finally! After such a long long long time, I made my way to's showroom to get some elf items! I've been reading countless reviews on their products and so, I grabbed some of their highly raved products!

elf High Definition powder, $10.

The powder is super super SUPER soft, it feels like flour and yes, it is wonderful. I'm not a heavy make up user so whenever I use my liquid foundation, I use this to set it and ohmy, it does an amazing job. Definitely a must have product, what more with the super cheap price tag. The only setback is the container!!!! It is definitely not user friendly and its so messy! I don't know if I'm the clumsy one but I keep spilling some of it on my dresser whenever I'm transferring it to the top part where I'll dip in the brush and its such a waste! I'm thinking of changing the container pronto! Also, my friend told me that, yes, it leaves your skin smoooooth but don't keep on putting lots of it on your face because she once did just that and turned up looking ghostly in photos lol.

elf Healthy glow shimmer powder, $3

I actually wanted to get the Blush/Contour duo but I figured I just got the Nars Orgasm blusher so I'd skip that but I'm really regretting it now! Boo! My blogger friends, ovenhaven, teanoir and mynakedlunch have vouched for its awesomeness and I think I might get it on my next visit hehe. This powder here does a good job of contouring, however, it is too dark so I need to only use a teeny bit otherwise, I'll have streaks of different shades on my cheeks. Maybe if your skin is a darker shade, it'll suit you best. The colour pay off is good though, not too shimmery, in fact its quite matte actually.

elf Tone Correcting Concealer, $3

Still don't know how I feel about this product. Doesn't do a good job at concealing, but its not bad too. I like the size though and how user friendly it is. Swipe it, pat lightly and you're done.

elf Eye Widener, $3.

Haven't tried this one yet. Don't even know why I got it haha!

THIS. I've been wanting to get this since I saw it in Michelle Phan's how to clean your brushes video!

The Brush Guard (various sizes), $8

It comes in a packet of 6 brush guards in different sizes for your various brushes. I think its really important to have this for your brushes especially because these brushes goes on to your face and you know how it is when dust+face = breakouts eeyer. Better to be safe than sorry!

Got myself some brushes too.

Foundation Brush, $3

Bronzer Brush, $3

Powder Brush, $6

The foundation and bronzer brush are so-so. Not that spectacular, doesn't do a great job at doing what its supposed to do, I feel but the Powder Brush is amazing!!!!!! I use it with the High Def powder and it does a great job of buffing it in. It does not shed and its so so smooth, for only $6 its definitely worth it. Actually, all the brushes that I got from elf, does not shed which is definitely a thumbs up.


The next products is not from smoochiezz but I got it at the drugstore. This is not suitable for people with oily skin, more for combination/dry. The finish is a teeny bit glittery but you can't really see it on your face. It does give you a slight glow and dewy look though. However, I have a feeling that this doesn't go well with my face. I had a bit of breakouts the other day and was trying to think which of the new products was causing it. I've stopped using this for awhile to see if this one's the culprit. I hope not! :(

and finally, I got this cute heart shaped pins from Geylang Market! Pair it with my polkadot shawls and you get cuteness overload lol.

The cupcake pin cushion was a present my bestfriends diy-ed for me. I love it so much! It sits so yummy on my dresser! Heheh.

Love, Nadia!

Saturday, 25 February 2012

OOTD #25 & super short review of Straits Kitchen

Salam alaikum!

Okay, before I begin this entry, can the winner of the giveaway contact me at I've sent you several emails but it keeps bouncing back to me! 0.0

Went for brunch with my parents at Straits Kitchen the other day! Was too lazy to dress up so I chose a chiffon maxi dress from lovebonito and paired it with a topshop denim jacket. I loveeee topshop's denim jacket for its material. I've bought denim jackets from other stores but I think topshop's is the best. Right from the start, even before washing, the material is soft and in our weather, you'd think its crazy to put on a denim jacket but nooooo, you won't feel hot at all (okay maybe a teeny bit because afterall its denim, but just stay in airconditioned places k? :D). If you want to grab it in this color, better grab it fast. The denim jackets are seasonal and the next color is much much darker, like the color of normal jeans and honestly, I don't find it as nice as the light blue denim ones. I think this color is more suitable if you were to pair it with flowy dresses. Softens the whole denim look (:

I figured I'd write a super chop chop short review on Straits Kitchen cos I was looking for reviews and I couldn't find any recent ones! (before my trip there) My family and I usually frequent Carousel because we love the spread of international cuisine there and the desserts! They make the best creme brulee and that, is enough to win me over. So when my mum suggested, Straits Kitchen, I thought, hmm, okay let's give it a try.

To sum it up, SK is the epitome of a high class hawker centre? I mean, they specialise in serving Malay, Indian and Chinese cuisine so what you can expect is, prawn noodle, laksa, chicken rice, duck rice, naan, briyani, rendang and the list goes on.  I think it is definitely a perfect place if you were to bring a friend/family from overseas to let them try alllllll the popular food Singapore has to offer. Even the desserts are traditional kuihs, ice kachang, muah chee, sago gula melaka etc.

But, if you're a Singaporean, I think you can skip this place and head for Carousel instead. Not only is it cheaper than SK, the desserts are the bomb!!!! and they serve a bit of Asian food too! So you get the best of both worlds hehe. However, if you're bringing older people, I think they'd love SK. My parents loved it so much! I think they prefer piping hot cooked dishes rather than Carousel's cold salmon sashimi (YUMS), pasta station, cold salad get what I mean.

For drinks, its free flow of tea/coffee at Carousel (if I'm not wrong) and for SK, free flow of fruit juice.

Some readers have been emailing me to see how I wear the polkadot shawl! Here's me and my cousin wearing it heheh! For those who requested for tutorials, er, insyAllah one day ok.

Next entry would be a haul entry! I went to's showroom and OHMAI, everything's so cheap!!!! O.O

Love, Nadia!

Monday, 20 February 2012

Vanity Trove February!

Salam alaikum !

So wheeee received February's trove! Super excited to open it up when I got it, I mean srsly, who doesn't love surprises right? Heh.

(I actually opened it up in Topshop's fitting room ya I know, I cannot handle surprises wahaha!)

Nestled amidst the soft purple paper is a fragrant pink rose and fragrant potpourri! I think this is specially for Feb's box though to suit their theme of Vday (:

As usual, short intro card on what's inside the box. With descriptions and price of full sized items.

Yums goodies!

First of is the 2 bottles from Nicki Minaj's latest collection! I don't really put on nail polish but I thought the colors were too striking for me? I saw other reviews and they got pink and glittery ones, which I would have very much preferred. Hahaha! But anyways, its good to try something new once in a while I guess (:

Gave my mum this shampoo & conditioner set and she loved it so much! The scent is not your usual fruity/floral kind. I loved the packaging so I kept the purple pouch hehe.

An accessory from! I don't put on earrings so I gave this to my friend! See? This box can be used to spread the love to your friends if you can't wear/use it! Hehehe!

I loveeeee this soap! The smell is so refreshing! Would totally buy a full bar of soap for this one.

Haven't tried this eyemask out but I've read reviews and they said it worked wonders? Maybe I should be adventurous and try it out hehe.

and last but not least is this satchet of tea! I brewed it last night and the smell was heavenly!

SUBSCRIBE TO VANITY TROVE! Wonderful surprises awaits you! (:

How it works:
1) Sign up for an account and subscribe to the service on with a monthly subscription fee of only S$25 (inclusive of packing, shipping and handling fees) or S$300 for 13 months (1 month free!)
2) On the 15th of every month, VanityTrove sends out specially curated sets of beautiful surprises to paid subscribers
3) Receive the troves right on your doorstep and enjoy trying out the products!

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Sunday, 19 February 2012

giveaway winner and OOTD #24: love

Salam alaikum!

Sorry I've been missing for quite some time! Now that school has started, back to assignments, lectures, tutorials, and long days in school. Nah, I'm kidding heh. I only have a 3 day work week (super happy!) and I have no clue why I'm so busy, really :) Anws, I've promised to announce the giveaway winner and *drumrolls*....

Congratulations Wahidah!

I will contact you asap on how to get the goodies you just bagged! ;)

InsyAllah, I'll do another giveaway soon-ish alrights?

Anyways, here's a quick outfit of the day! I love love love loveeee this chiffon dress from Poplook! I think the price is really inexpensive for something of such quality (you know those type of chiffon dresses/skirts that has very sheer lining? nope, this is not sheer at all!) I'm thinking of getting it in another color so maybeeeee, I'll be opening up a spree for Poplook soon (: Drop me an email if you're thinking of getting something from them k!

This is probably my usual outfit for school. Simple! Usually I don't even bother with accessorizing...heh!

Love, Nadia

Ps: Did you manage to get the V-day themed tumblers from Starbucks?! Too cuteeee (:

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Sponsored: VanityTrove

Salam alaikum!

I've been feeling very happy as of lately! Heheh! Why? I keep getting surprised by lovely boxes of beauty products on my doorstep! Yes, I loveeeee skincare/beauty products. I believe at this age, I've begun to really pay attention to my face because of oh you know, the eyebags, the wrinkles, the acne and the other unwelcomed visitors!

VanityTrove is a brand new monthly subscription beauty service! The concept is similar to Bellabox's, however, I have to say that while their concept may be the same, the brands of the deluxe samples they carry are far from similar.

How it works:
1) Sign up for an account and subscribe to the service on with a monthly subscription fee of only S$25 (inclusive of packing, shipping and handling fees) or S$300 for 13 months (1 month free!)
2) On the 15th of every month, VanityTrove sends out specially curated sets of beautiful surprises to paid subscribers
3) Receive the troves right on your doorstep and enjoy trying out the products!

At $25 per month, VanityTrove may seem pricier, however, I think the slightly higher price tag is justified by the amount of products given in each trove! Why? I'll show you in a bit.

First of all, I simply adore the packaging. I am the type of person who pays attention to small details and I try my best to unwrap anything without tearing the wrapper apart! Call me crazy but I think packaging/wrappers can always be reused, especially when I'm gifting something to a friend. Not being cheapskate here okay! but as a geographer, I try my best to "save the earth" hehe!

It comes in this lovely drawer-like box and I can already imagine storing my spools of ribbons or items for my DIY projects in them!

Tada! The theme of the box "A New Beginning, A New You" suits the idea of welcoming 2012! There's a short writeup on the card (they address you as Hi Gorgeous btw, don't you feel special :p) and on the underside is a list of the products, a short description of each item and the cost of its full sized product.

Even though VT is slightly pricier, there are more products in its trove! When I lifted the soft paper, nestled on the tiny strips of paper was a number of products, from masks, shampoo, conditioner, lip stain and the list goes on..

I saw this pack and went huh? Yadah? What is this? I've never heard of it before but apparently, its a new brand that's just recently launched in Singapore. They are known for using organic ingredients in their products and their products are known to be gentle especially on sensitive skin. This pack contained creams, ampoules, nose pack, mask pack, emulsion, toners! Yes, all of that! Plus, I like that I can reuse the casing to store other things when I'm done with using the products (:

So far, I've only tried the Brightening Ampoule and so far, so good. No breakouts (hopefully!)

YADAH Beauty Pack ($10.90 for full-size)

The second product is Leaders Clinic 2-step Premium Aquaxyl Filler Mask. It claims to be specially for enhanced hydration and skin regeneration. While facial masks usually contain only one sheet of mask, this comes with a sachet of ampoule. Haven't tried this one out yet but will do a short review on it once I've tried it out.

$75 for 10 sheets

Next is this set of Olivella Olive Shampoo and Conditioner. Its formulated with natural ingredients and 100% Natural Virgin Olive Oil. The first thing I did was to unscrew the cap to smell the scent and honestly, I expected it to smell medicinal, dettol-ish but surprisingly, it smells yummy! I've always heard that olive oil does an awesome job especially in hydrating and moisturising (I heard using a mixture of olive oil + dishwashing liquid does a great job of cleaning your make up brushes) so I was quite excited to try it out. The shampoo lathers really well and I love that the bottles are travel-sized. Perfect for a trip to the swimming pool/traveling.

Shampoo $17.90 for 500ml

Conditioner $26.90 for 500ml

This is the product I was so excited to receive!!! I've always heard raving reviews about Clinique's moisturisers and this is one of them. The Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief is one of Clinique’s best selling products and the light comfortable gel plumps your skin with hydration for a full 24 hours. I think this product alone makes your $25 worth it, especially when combined with all the other products in the trove. I have combination skin and so far, this works wonders for me.

$75 for 50ml

Last but not least, this product definitely reminds me of Benefit's Benetint/Posietint. Its a full sized item, I've tried it once and honestly, I'm not really a fan of it. I know its just a liptint, not a lipstick so I don't expect the color to be that rich but really, I had to put this on a few times before I could see the color. Not only that, it didn't last me for very long and I didn't even eat or drink anything.

However, that may be because the colorants are extracted from plants - red tomatoes and gromwell flowers and I have to give props to the product given that it only uses natural and safe ingredients and also, paraben-free.

$10.90 for 3ml

Finally, I know as Muslims, we don't celebrate Valentine's Day but you can always surprise a friend by gifting it to her right? (: I'm really excited to know what's in the February Box since its V-day themed and all! Must be extra special!


Click here to sign up now, just in time to get their February Box! It runs out fast so hurry!

To get more information on VanityTrove, add them here on Facebook or follow their Twitter (

Love, Nadia!