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Sponsored: Bellabox Review

Salam alaikum!

The kind people from Bellabox ( sent me their January box and I was honestly quite excited when I received it! Why? Bellabox is one of the leading brands in the vanity box concept similar to Birchbox in Australia and Michelle Phan's My Glam Bag in the US! Have you heard of these vanity boxes? No? Okay, basically, what you do is that you subscribe to Bellabox for a fee of only $15 per month. You may choose to subscribe annually or even gift it to your friends! The plus part is that there are no minimum number of months you must subscribe to, so anytime you feel like subscribing, canceling and subscribing again, you may do that, no hidden charges.

The people from Bellabox will choose around 5-6 products from different brands and you can never know what's in it until the day it arrives on your doorstep! Isn't that thrilling? Heh! For me, I just love this concept since there's the element of surprise plus I feel like I'm gifting myself with a reward every month! (I mean, who doesn't love beauty/skincare products right?)

Furthermore, I think $15 is definitely worth it as the items combined surely costs more than that! From skincare to make-up and beauty tools, you can expect to receive just about anything in your Bellabox! (:

The only downside is that if you have allergies, this may not be for you but you know, you can still give it to your friends/family! However, they will try their best to suit the products in your box to your profile as upon signing up, you will be asked to complete a profile on your preferences/skin type etc.

So here's the light pink box! Classy isn't it? I heard they did away with all the extra packaging that was in the past few month's boxes to be more ecofriendly (:

This month's theme is A New Year, A New You. Right at the top is this product information card containing all you need to know about the products in the box and how much the full sized products cost should you want to purchase it.

Dr Jart's BB Cream! I personally do not use BB cream so I thought hey, why not give this a try right? The only thing that I'm concerned with is if it matches my complexion as BB creams are generally known to suit light, fairer skin. Thankfully, I got the Black Label one as I read reviews saying that the Silver Label BB cream is a few shades lighter. I've tried it out once and it blends nicely. I also love the size, for a deluxe-sample size product, I thought they were quite generous (:

S$33 for 50ml

The Face Shop Organature Cleansing Foam! Now, this is a brand I am familiar with. The size is definitely perfect for traveling and I like the texture of the cleansing foam. Also, the kaolin powder content helps to gently cleanse and exfoliate your skin.

S$23.50 for 150ml

Now, what's wrapped in this lovely little pink package?

Pangea Organics Lip Balm! Its a full sized product and retails for $14.50. I haven't tried this one out yet but I found the scent rather weird? Haha! Somehow I always associate the lavender scent with scent oils/body lotions so to have it in a lip balm, it takes getting use to haha!

Herban Essentials Towelette! I don't usually carry around wet tissues with me, or even tissues I guess. I've never made it a habit though I sometimes wish I do because you honestly never know when you might urgently need one. I've seen other girls carry wet tissues and the packaging is always so thick and such a hassle to put it in your small purse so I certainly think this is a great alternative. It is slightly costly though, with $18 for 10 packets.

The last item, Dr Dennis Gross Extra Strength Alpha Beta Peel. I haven't tried this one yet because I'm a bit scared! I know, I need to be more adventurous in trying out skincare products though honestly, I exercise extra caution on anything that goes on my face! Hahaha! I read some reviews though that using this peel brightens your complexion immediately.

10 packets for $71

Overall, I would subscribe to Bellabox as I'm not usually an adventurous person and I tend to stick to the same type of products. Bellabox allows me to discover more products and who knows, I might find something I really really like? Furthermore, rather than I spend my money on full sized products to try and end up disliking it, now wouldn't that be a waste?

Love, Nadia!

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