Wednesday, 18 January 2012

SgHijabGirl's first giveaway!

Salam alaikum!

Finally, the giveaway I've been talking about for a long long loooooooong time! I promised that I'd do a giveaway once I hit 100 likes on Facebook but I've gotten 300 now (thank you thank you thank you!) and er, I finally got round to writing about it! Sorry! Anyways, its pretty self explanatory, I threw in everything and anything that I love and goodies that kind of revolves around SgHijabGirl (actually there's more items but my bestfriend convinced me to keep that for the second giveaway heheh) More details and instructions on how you can win this giveaway below! All the best!

  1. Flower Headband from H&M

  2. Gold Vintage-looking hairclip/pin from H&M

  3. Long Gold Chain with Locket from H&M

  4. Small bag of DIY goodies (ribbon, buttons, clips) courtesy of my bestfriend, Aini

  5. Super lovely bracelet from H&M! Don't you just love the different colors on it? Matches any outfit!

  6. Peach lipbalm from BaviPhat Korea

  7. Notebook and diy stuffs courtesy of my bestfriend, Aini

  8. Pink and White polkadot shawl

  9. Rock Star soap from Lush

how to enter:

Click here to go to the giveaway form!

  1. like sghijabgirl on facebook

  2. leave a comment answering the questions below and your email!

  3. your name and something about you! 

  4. blazers are my bestfriend, what's your favourite piece of clothing and why?

  5. what would you like to see more on sghijabgirl? (:

extra entries: please leave separate comments for every entry, the more entries, the higher chances of winning since I'm using to select the winner! 
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the contest is open to everyone, wherever you are and will close on 1 february 2012 (:

All the best!

Love, Nadia!


  1. Salam alaikum!

    1. I am Nur Khairin and I am 20 this year. I am currently a 3rd year diploma student. Having an ambition to be an engineer in the near future, InsyaAllah.

    2. I love my jeans. I can never go wrong with it. Jeans can turn my super formal blouse into a fun, informal top. It's one item I can NEVER live without.

    3. I would like to see more fashion inspiration. And stories about other hijabi sisters on how they start of wearing their hijabs. I think at some degree, all sisters has that challenge to donned their first hijab. I believe that by sharing those stories, even yours, it will be an inspiration for other sisters out there who wants to donned the hijab but haven't had the courage to. :)\

    I have multiple entries too:

    1. follow sghijabgirl on twitter. (+1 entry),
    2. tweet about this giveaway, be sure you include a link to the tweet. (+1 entry),
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    Thank You!


  2. Assalammualaikum!

    1) My name is Wahidah ( people call me Ida!) and I am turning 22 in 15 days on 4th Feb! I dream of travelling the world one day. Insyaallah.

    2) I love maxi anything - dresses or skirts. When I put it on, I instantly feel girly! I am going to build a wardobe of them insyaallah!

    3) I would love to see more room inspirations. I know it's not hijab-related but I've seen your room entries, and I am inspired to makeover my room. <3

    Sincerely, Ida <3

  3. I have also commented on your recent HFW post!

  4. Followed sghijabgirl on Twitter. My Twitter name is ida_ali. :)

    I hope I'm doing this right. Separate comments for every +1 entry right? It feels like I'm spamming. Haha

  5. Lastly, I shared this giveaway link on Facebook :)

    Thank you, Nadia and team <3

  6. Salam ! Puteri here ! I'm 15 year old but turning 16 this year . Yes , I'm taking o level this year and I'm stressing out like crazy even though it's just January !!! Hope I'll get good results to get into a good JC next year . Insya'Allah :)

    My favourite clothing piece of ALL TIME is Maxi skirts . I love them soo soo much . Even though I just have two of them , every opportunity I get , I'll use it . So , I use it pretty much everytime I go out !! And love tht you do posts abt maxi skirts !!

    I would loveee to see MORE fashion posts . I love ur fashion sense !!! Besides tht , I would loveee some hijab tutorial. Especially yours !! I have lots of shawls but I don't know how to wear it !! I always wear the square tudung :D everytime I look at your photos , you always have this way of wearing ur hijab and I love it and I must know !! :D

    xx , Puteri :)

  7. I followed you on twitter :)
    My twitter name is @putrithehamster .

    i share this on facebook , but from my friend's account (Hazirah Aidil).

    I reblog this on tumblr ... TWICE ! ( )

  8. oh and i commented on

  9. I'm zimah, turning 21 this year! I'm from Singapore too. I'm currently studying, in a first year in my course. I have a thing for adventures and outdoor activities. I used to not like shopping until recently. But I still can't find the joy in shopping for branded goods.

    I am a fan of blazers too but I can never find reasons to wear it out since I don't really like dressing up to school. I'd like to know where you get your blazers from, they're pretty! I have to say that my favourite piece of clothing has got to be maxi skirt's because firstly they hide what needs to be hidden and they elude a feminine glow to the one wearing. I have been trying to go bold with the colour choice for my maxi skirts recently. And it's been really fun!

    I'd like to see more dressing tips, more updates about your life because personally, more than just fashion, it'd be great to share how your daily life is like as a hijabgirl. There's not much blogs that's doing that ;)

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  13. 1)
    2) gaby - 24 years old, love shoes :-)
    3) blazers, too, for sure! :-)
    4) I'm a new follower, but I would love to see more photos!

  14. My name is Kristina, and I'm from Croatia. I'm school lybrarian and I love my job and kids. I also love DIY projekts and kreative works.

    I adore clothes and make-up. My favourite piece of clothing are sweaters and vintage stuffs. I have more than 10 sweaters anfd I combine them with nice romantic t-shirst or shirt.

    I would like to see more diy projects on your blog (to wake my imagination).

    I shared about your giveaway on my facebook, and I like your page there.

  15. I'm following you on twitter: @Selmica Kiki

  16. 1.MY FB name: Selmica Kiki
    3. My name is Selma. I'm 23 years old and I m a student of dentistry.
    4. I like belts, neckless, hm..excially I love everything :)
    5. I would like to see maybe some shoes..or make up? :)

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  20. Name: Saralyn Low Interest: I love fishing
    My favorite piece of clothing would be my tank top :) It's easy to match and you can match it with many other accessories too!
    Would love to see more of different accessories :)

  21. My name's Nur Shahridah. I'm turning 19 this year, currently studying at Ngee Ann Polytechnic! My dream is to be a counselor for the ex offenders or getting to work with youths at risk. I love eating chocolates especially (it's a great way to help me feel happy when I'm down ^^ ) and I love to look at pictures of hijabis, looking their best. It inspires me on what to wear and all ;)

    I love vintage tops! Like any kinds of tops, as long as they look so vintage-ish. :D I think vintage clothings are beautiful. Not everyone wears them and it's not common. You can wear them, style them in any way you like and you'll look great no matter how you try to match them with any bottoms or shawls. I am also into those Indie kinds of theme (if that's the right way to say it) and so, I'll try to dress like the olden times. Vintage tops are just a perfect match!

    Would love to see more outfit of the days, and DIY! As I love creating, decorating things for the people I love, more DIY or links in it will be of a great help to me!

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  27. I'm Afiqah, currently in NIE Year 3. Majoring in Geography & I just got married!

    My favourite piece of clothing is my long black flowy skirt. It can be worn with so many tops and for many different occasions. Plus, some say I look taller when I wear a long skirt. :)

    I would like to see more advices for us hijabis pertaining to many different issues such as dua & zikir for us to read during our time of the month etc. Though I love to see the different ways for hijabis to dress up but i guess a variety of info would be beneficial for all of us :)

  28. 1) e-mail:
    2) Name: Natasha
    I am a mother and I want to create friendships with people from around the world:)
    3) I love when I'm wearing trainers :)
    4) I'd like to see more outfit of the days

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  34. Ohhh! Exciting! I'll join for fun! X)

    1) Hello! I'm Faiz and I love triangles, animals and enjoy travelling.

    2) I cannot leave home without my colourful bracelets. Heh!

    3) Just blog more dearie! (: