Sunday, 25 December 2011

Outfit of the Day #19: velvet

Salam alaikum,

Oh how I miss HFW. Today's a simple entry on an outfit I wore recently. I've not been wearing dresses/skirts lately due to the rainy season in Singapore right now, don't like the thought of my skirt sweeping the wet pavements you know? The day started out quite well actually, sun shining so bright and all, then tada, it rained!

Anyways, I went to this small ship docked at Harbourfront as there was a Book Fair inside! Not many popular titles but stuff like dictionaries were all quite cheap (:

My red "skirt" was actually a dress from Poplook! Gosh, I love Poplook! If you want me to hold a spree for them, do let me know. If there's a lot of you, you can share the shipping fee which is about 20rm if I'm not wrong (:

Love, Nadia.


  1. I love the lace top.Have been finding it for so long,but haven't found one.
    Is it rainy season too in Singapore?Here it has been raining since October!

  2. wow lovely bracelet..did yo DIY ??

  3. I wish I could DIY! Heh, nope my dear, got it for 2 dollars from a sale! :)

  4. Yes, rainy season! Sometimes its super sunny then it suddenly rains! Oh the weather and its moodswings haha! I hope you'll find a lovely lace top in Msia soon! I think you guys have more muslimah-friendly clothes than us! :D

  5. Hi pretty where can I get shawls like the one ure wearing here? Hees thanks<3

  6. Ooo I got it from overseas. Maybe you can try online facebook shops? :)