Monday, 12 December 2011

Outfit of the Day #18


Just a quick update! When to town today to get the remaining stuff I intend to put in the giveaway bag and went window shopping with my bestfriend :) Btw, something in this outfit is in the giveaway bag too! ;)

If you love scrapbooking, Urbanwrite's having a 30% off for all their scrapbook papers (with a minimum purchase of 10 pieces) and Sephora's having their Christmas sale going on, so there's lots of make up palettes (including Urban Decay's) going for cheaper than usual. New Look's also having their instant dip win, giving out vouchers of $10 off footwear and stuff.

So um, if you do not intend on making some serious damage to your pocket, stay far far away from Orchard Rd okie?

Love, N!


  1. Salam..Love ur red blazer..^^
    Have a nice day dear..

  2. Assalamu alaikum, of course you can, it would make me so happy! :) take care!

  3. You have fabulous style and I've linked you on my page.Hope you won't mind :-)

  4. u r sooo beautiful, mashaAllah.. <3 ur style!! :)
    glad to find ur blog here, may we exchange the link, if u dont mind?

    drop by my blog too, :)
    salaam from Indonesia,

  5. Of course I won't my dear! Linked you up alrdy! :)

  6. Oh sis, thank you so much! Will check out your blog! and yes, I will link you up too! :) <3