Monday, 5 December 2011

OOTD #17/ HFW Day 7/ Yureka Teppanyaki Review

Salam alaikum!

Wow, we've finally reached Day 7 and I super love the theme, With Girlfriends. Coincidentally, I just went out with my best girlfriends in the whole wide world the other day so for this, no individual shots but to suit the theme, a picture of us together! :)

Everytime we're out to celebrate birthdays, the birthday girl will get to pick a theme for our clothes. It used to be colors but we've now diversified hehe. So for this, she picked Heels and Denim. One of us couldn't stand being in heels the whole day, she actually brought her pretty oxfords with her, can you believe it? Haha!

I wore a simple get go outfit, plain white tank top, polka dotted blazer from h&m (gosh, you've gotta love h&m and their huge variety of blazers!) and light denim jeans. My accessories were this cute owl necklace and some silver bangles. Really simple, chill out kind of outfit.

So we celebrated her birthday at Yureka Teppanyaki, one of Singapore's very few halal Japanese restaurant. We were excited cos it was our first time there and I've heard about it from so many people. We reached there at about late afternoon and cos it was a weekday, there was nobody in sight. Only towards the evening, people came streaming in.

It was certainly interesting seeing the chef cook our dishes right infront of us. Maybe it would have been fun if he interacted with us because it was kind of awkward. The four of us were just staring at him cooking the whole time!

We ordered two Teppanyaki sets so were allowed to choose the variety of dishes that we wanted. From prawns, scallops, chicken, beef, cuttlefish and salmon. We were also served Ebi Furai (breaded prawn) and Sweet and Sour fish fillet. The sets came with rice, miso soup, hot green tea and a soft drink of your choice.

Altogether, it costs us 80+ sgd. To be honest, it is quite pricey to me because the serving is quite small but for the experience, I think its quite worth it. However, the place is not that accessible because you have to take a bus either from Ang Mo Kio or Yishun if I'm not wrong.

The staff was very kind right from the start, helping us with the orders and suggesting what would be the best choice for the 4 of us. They even played a Happy Birthday song for my bestfriend and helped us with serving of the cake we brought :) Even the executive chef came out to talk to us and ask how did we find the food and he was also telling us about how he wished he could bring this restaurant to the east side of Singapore too since this is quite a distance away from East and West siders.

Overall, I think it was a really nice experience and my bestfriends and I really enjoyed ourselves there. If you're going at night or on weekends, I suggest you make a reservation because there's only two tables where the chef cooks live in front of you. So, to get the best "seats", give them a call before you head over there ;) Would definitely recommend this restaurant!

Yureka Teppanyaki (click on this link to be redirected to their Facebook page)

No 5 Thong Soon Ave, Singapore

+65 6458 4678

To end our day, what better way if not to hangout at Starbucks with a hot cup of Toffee Nut Latte and Peppermint Mocha? Yums.

Love, Nadia!


  1. The food looks very yummy, really! and I like your shoes, all, and also your outfits so stunnig.!

  2. Heh it is yummy! :) thank you dear, will check out your blog too! ;)

  3. Wow ALL your outfits look great - Very well done and good luck! (I'm going to start following your blog now - It looks cool) :P xx

  4. Girls day out is always ur outfit and ur friends to..

  5. Cute! love denim with heels!