Sunday, 4 December 2011

My LUSH haul/review!


Last week I was in South Korea for a holiday and the first shop I spotted at the main shopping area in Seoul, Myeongdong was LUSH! Ohmy! I could smell the scent of all things wonderful from a mile away, seriously! Though I suspect that mainly has to do with their basins of scented water outside the store, haha! But really, good marketing technique, I must say because I was sold. I've always loved reading reviews of the products they have because they pride themselves on being au natural, using organic ingredients for their soaps rather than synthetic ones. Moreover, the fact that there's no LUSH stores in SG (until yesterday! Wisma Atria Basement 1-13), all the more I went crazy in there.

Though I have to admit, they're quite pricey. Plus, they don't last very long because of the organic ingredients but in my opinion, their products are really really good :)

I got the Snow Fairy shower hair and body gel mainly because of the color! Haha! I have to admit I am easily attracted to pink products, they just scream I'm Pretty! Pick me! Choose me! Love me! Haha sorry got caught up in a Grey's moment there. The sales person let me have a whiff of it and ohmygoodness, it smells so soooo sooooooo good! Its like, cotton candy and a burst of sweet smelling fruits. I think the best part of this product is, the scent is definitely long lasting. I tried it the other day and my hair smelled of this product the from morning till night. Lovely. I got the 100g one because I wanted to keep it for travelling purposes so I don't have to carry a separate body gel and shampoo bottle and also, mainly cos I just wanted to try it out. Now that I love it so much, I'm going to get my hands on the 500g bottle one, for sure!

The next product I got is the Pow Wow lip scrub. My lips were so chapped because of the cold weather in Seoul, I just had to get this. It smells of lime and  contains jojoba oil, rose hip oil and argan oil that really helps to moisturise and soften your lips. I think the most surprising thing about this lip scrub is that, it can be eaten! I was smelling the tester when the sales person grabbed the bottle from me and I thought he wanted to demonstrate how to use it, but he scooped this stuff with his finger and popped it in his mouth! The best part? Its popping candy so I could hear the crackles and fizzles inside his mouth!

The only cons about this lip scrub is that because of the popping candy, the granules are quite big in size as compared to normal lip scrubs so its a bit difficult to  make sure the product doesn't immediately drop off your lips and go to waste.

Got me some LUSH soaps too. The sales person told me that the Rock Star soap smells the same as the Snow Fairy gel. Just that one is in soap form and the other, in liquid gel. Think sweet, fruity smell. Gorgeous. Though I think my favourite soap from LUSH has to be Honey, I washed the Kids! It smells of caramel, toffee and honey (all my favourite things!) No words can describe just how much I love it, really. If you have dry skin, I think Honey, IWTK is the best because in just two days, the skin on my arms turned back to normal (again, Seoul's weather made me have really dry skin!)

I also bought the Dark Angels facial cleanser but I haven't tried it out so I can't do a review on it yet.

Okay, that's all for now and oh, one of these products are in the giveaway bag I intend to do soon, so stay tuned! ;)

Love, Nadia

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