Thursday, 8 December 2011

Maxi Skirts


Need I say how much I love Maxi skirts? Ahhhh, I think it is a requirement to have at least one in every girl's wardrobe haha! Its super easy to wear and when styled with the right accessories, you can not only get everyday looks but also, formal ones as well. Anyways, just a short entry on maxi skirt styles I found on Lookbook :)

(via Aishah Amin)

(via Fatimah Z)

(via Nadia Sabrina R)

(via Maryam O)

(via Shea Rasol)

(via Rania H)

(via Anni)

Pretty right? Now, if only I can sew them on my own, that would be perfect! Heh.

Love, Nadia


  1. really wowed look..nic pic..thanks for share darl ^^

  2. ahh I love maxi skirt!! especially when they come in various colors. :)

  3. Love the photo where the mum (?) and the daughter wears similar skirts :)