Sunday, 25 December 2011

Hijab: A Muslim Male Perspective

Salam alaikum,

I'd like to share an article on IGotItCovered by Brother T.Husayn. He wrote on Hijab: A Muslim Male Perspective. I've added several snippets from the article and I love that he supports all his opinion/viewpoint with dalils from the Quraan and Hadith. It certainly made me reflect as a person who wears the Hijab on a daily basis and reminded me why I put it on every single day (:

The first two categories of women should be advised (gently, kindly) and shown extensive evidences from the Qur’an & Prophetic traditions (Sunnah) that unequivocally prove the obligation of wearing hijab. Allah jalla wa ‘alaa states in His Book:

{O Prophet! Tell your wives and daughters and the believing women that they should draw over themselves their jilbab (outer garments) (when in public); this will be more conducive to their being recognized (as decent women) and not harassed. But God is indeed oft-forgiving, most merciful} (33:59)

{And know that women advanced in years, who no longer feel any sexual desire incur no sin if they discard their thiyab (outer garments), provided they do not aim at a showy display of their zeenah (charms or beauty). But it is better for them to abstain (from this); and God is all-hearing, all-knowing} (24:60)

As for those women who use the ‘there is no compulsion in religion’ rule, they misunderstand the context which is intended to address forced conversions into the religion of Islam. In the Sunnah we find our Rasool (salAllahu ‘alayhi wa sallam) instructing us to rebuke our children who do not pray Salaah after a certain age. Is that compulsion? No. When the people refused to give Zakaah at the time of Abu Bakr and he fought them, was that compulsion? No. These were examples of ‘compulsion’ only linguistically and semantically but not Islamically.

As for the rest of the categories of women, and for all Muslims for that matter, hijab ultimately is about submission to the will of Allah and his commandments.

{And obey Allah and His Messenger that you may obtain Mercy} (3:132)

{It is not fitting for the believing man or for the believing woman, that when Allah and His Messenger have decreed any matter, that they should have any option in their decision…} (33:36)

A woman without hijab is like one who stands in a storm under hail and lightning – little is her protection, and harm may befall her at any moment. A woman with hijab is like one who takes shelter inside a fortified home next to a fireplace on a cold dreary night – protected, graceful, content, empowered, and emancipated.  I hope a Muslim man’s viewpoint on hijab serves to color this grand concept in a positive light and motivates many more sisters to explore the beauty of mind and body inherent in embracing complete hijab.


Read the rest of the article here.

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  1. Thank you for this post. I was browsing through about Hijabs and wanted to know more about it. I have the intention and I am ready to wear it. Though many said there will be lots of things that I will face,but insyaallah all will guide me.

    p.s i love your fashion :D


  2. masyAllah, thank you for your comments :) I too hope that Allah will make the process of you, donning the hijab full of ease and I look forward to welcoming you to the Hijab Club heheh! :)