Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Chanel and Mac lipstick review

Salam alaikum!

HFW's over and I'm really gonna miss cracking my brains to plan an outfit to suit the respective themes! Hahaha! I have to be honest and say that I really enjoyed myself. I planned out outfits I've never worn out before and yay, I get to recreate the looks when school reopens. Plus, the fact that the other girls who took part in HFW, wow, they really inspired me with their outfits. If you have a lot of free time, do click on each and every post. All the girls are really super fashionable and their different styles are truly amazing :)

Recently, I've received a number of emails and questions on formspring asking about my make up routine and the lipsticks I use. To be honest, I have to tell you that I am no expert in cosmetic products, at all. Really, at all. Only recently did I started buying brushes for my everyday make up application, all this while, I've been using whatever brushes/sponges that comes with the product I use.

Okay get straight to the point!

These are my favourite lipsticks that I often use.

1) Chanel Rouge Coco Vendomé

Its a lovely dark pink color, highly pigmented and glides on very very smoothly. I usually stay away from pink lipsticks because it'll look too girlish on me but I'd give this an exception cos it sort of gives me a more mature look, probably because of the brownish undertones. The swatch I did below doesn't really give it justice but go to the Chanel counter and ask them to try it on you. I think its really important that you try on lipsticks (especially pricey ones) first before you buy them. A certain lip color may look super lovely on a certain skin tone but not necessarily all types of skin tone.

2) MAC Russian Red

This is THE red lipstick, I promise you. I've always shied away from red lipsticks because its difficult to maintain and if you don't wear it well, you'll end up looking like a clown!  But really, this is the one. Its matte so it glides on smoothly and does not create a mess at all. Once, I thought I made the mistake of wearing it to a dentist appointment. The whole time when the dentist's gloves touched my lips and my chin, I was thinking, oh nooooo, by the end of this session I'll probably look like a clown with red lipstick marks all over. I whipped out my compact mirror at the end of it and got the shock of my life (exaggerating right? haha!), nothing happened! The shade just got a teeny bit lighter, that's all! Can you believe it? All that paranoia for nothing T_T Even the sales girl at the airport told me that Emirates flight attendants swear by this red lippy hehe.

3) MAC House Wine

In my opinion, I think this color is exactly like Chanel's except that Chanel has a glossier finish but this is not matte, maybe halfway between matte and shiny glossy. Yes, you can see that I'm not really good at describing these lippies haha! Its like halfway between pink and red and because of the Lustre formula, you can choose to apply it heavily for a dramatic intense look or just lightly as a lip stain. Definitely perfect for everyday look! ;)

Okay, hope that answers your questions. Again, I am no make-up expert and whatever I've written is just from my humble opinion.

Love, Nadia!


  1. love thats red..hehe

  2. Hi! Thank you for all your comments! Rly made me smile! ;) Btw, clicked on your link and it didn't link to your blog?

  3. Really? yeah i already change my blog name..hehe. i forget to changed it back..^^