Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Outfit of the Day #12/ Day 2 of HFW

Assalamualaikum! Its Day 2 of Hijabi Fashion Week! :) The theme for today is Hobby/Recreation

I know some might say that it is a boring hobby but I would say that I feel extremely at peace when I'm reading. Doesn't matter what genre it is, when I settle myself down with a book and perhaps, a cup of toffee nut latte (gosh the best hot drink ever), the world can pass me by and I won't even notice. That's exactly why this is my hobby because the little free time I get amidst my hectic school schedule is so precious I wouldn't want to spend it doing anything else. Unfortunately, I haven't been doing much of reading lately. More of starting books and not ending it as I get so caught up with school assignments and what nots. But its the holidays now! My lovely abandoned books, I'm coming for you! Heh!

Just for fun, I created this preppy geeky look. Argyle sweater (don't you just love argyle prints?), with an oxford blue shirt inside cos it can get really cold in the library, simple no-noise accessories as after all, you know how those patrolling security officers stare at you whenever you make just the slightest bit of noise  and a big backpack to carry all the books I've borrowed!

Just a simple look! Now I'm off to the Hijabi Fashion Week website to get inspired by other muslimahs too!

Love, Nadia!


  1. heart ur shoes babe...omg hw many shoes do u have???? I think u have like shoes of every hues kn? =)

  2. I would SO wear that to a library - I can't explain how much this outfit is so good - Well done and good luck! :) xx

  3. haha babeeee omg i miss you! don't ask! I don't want to count and feel guilty heheh! <3

  4. Where'd you purchase your argyle sweater? I've been looking for one just like it.

  5. I got it at uniqlo! You've gotta check it out, they have it in so many colors! :)

  6. Library is one off the best place to take picture right..hehehe