Friday, 19 August 2011

The Love Notes Box

What You'll Need:

  • an unfinished wood box (you can get this at Daiso)

  • metal handle (try Paper Market)

  • spray paint (Art Friend!)

  • the following free downloads...
    Download Lovenotes
    Download Lovenotescards
    Download Lovenotestags

  • ribbon (from your stash)

  • 3" circle punch (or you could trace the top of a cup)

  • 3 3/4 " white scalloped circle (cut with the Cricut)

STEP ONE: Gather all of your supplies and print off all the downloads. Cut or punch out the 3" tag and back with the scalloped circle.

STEP TWO:  Spray a few coats of paint on the box.

STEP THREE: Once dry, attach the handle to the top of the box.STEP FOUR: Attach the 3" round tag to the front of the box. (We used glue dots)

STEP FIVE: Tie the instructions tag onto the handle with ribbon.STEP SIX: Fill the box with blank love notes cards.


  1. This is so lovely! :D

  2. Salam...:)
    This D.I.Y is super lovely..mcm nak buat skrang jer...but just curious u ader mention pasal this white scalloped circle cut with cricut...just nak tau,mane boleh dapat the cricut machine sebab i thinking of doing this D.I.Y and some other scrap booking craft...thanks;)

  3. Oh my I'm so sorry I haven't been checking the comments section for sometime! I deeply apologise, sis! For the cricut machine (if you're still looking for it), you can try Paper Market at City Hall/Dhoby Ghaut or Art Friend at Bras Basah! Gd luck! :) xo